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Barbuda is part of a three-island state with Antigua and Redonda in the north-eastern Caribbean. On Barbuda you will find a small village community on a large island that is virtually untouched by tourism. It is world renowned for its beaches which are natural, many miles long and often sprinkled with pink sand. There is a large lagoon to the west, salt ponds and flashes to the north and the location of Codrington village. Barbuda has the deep blue Atlantic on one side with wild beaches full of driftwood and shells, and the Caribbean sea on the other, perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and with plenty of opportunities to see turtles, rays, sharks, barracuda and many other varieties of tropical fish undisturbed in the turquoise water. The beauty of Barbuda is in its natural and peaceful way of life. It's definitely not for visitors who are looking for sophisticated nightlife or lots of imported tourist attractions - it's a place where you can relax, slow down, meet local people and make your own entertainment. The population of 1800 live in the only village of Codrington, but Barbudans have family all over the world, especially in the UK, the USA and Canada. If you are a visitor here you will soon be part of the social life of local people as Barbudans welcome you to their island. Barbuda is 15 miles long and 8 miles wide, and is rocky and very flat. Much of the island is covered in impenetrable bush and there are unmarked roads and tracks to most of the beaches, with one main road going from River to Two Foot Bay. There are two hotels on the island; the membership only, private Coco Point Lodge, and Lighthouse Bay Resort at Low Bay. There are several guest houses in the village, ranging from single rooms to self-catering cottages, and three others that are on the beach, the locally owned North Beach, very popular Barbuda Cottage, and the budget Pink Sand Cottage. Barbuda is truly a natural paradise. The dense Barbudan bush hides all kinds of wildlife not seen

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