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The nearest Railway station is Baripada where as the nearest airport is Bhubaneswar....

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Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha is one of four dhams for Hindu pilgrimage. Known as the White Pagoda,this temple enshrines deities of Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama. One need to take a special ticket from counter for entering inside .The temple has 4 gates, facing the 4 directions. On the east-facing gate, there are stone images of 2 lions and it is called the Lion Gate. The north, south and west facing gates are called the Elephant Gate, Horse Gate and the Tiger Gate respectively. As we arrive at the vast open area in front of the Lion Gate, we see a ten meter tall monolithic pillar known as Aruna Stambha, this pillar was removed from Konark when the temple was forsaken and fixed in front of Jagannath temple. Immediately after we get into the main gate and go forward, we find a flight of steps. They are locally called Baisi Pahaca, literally meaning, 22 steps. At the end of the stairs, we have to cross another gate that enters a second compound wall and then we have to turn left to go towards the Ganesh temple. There are attractive carvings on the sides of this entrance of the inner compound wall.
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You travel once and travelling will become a part of your life. Creating life with Journey or life is a Journey does not matter much until unless you stop travelling. We will have loads of stories, some teaching lessons, some giving experience (I consider good and bad both), some adding values while some will show the value; whatever it is but it will always add new chapter with loads of zig-zag colorful curves. We have backpacks with full of fun and adventure, just need to open it.
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