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Cambodia has undergone many name-changes through the years. ...

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While you could most definitely fly into Cambodia, the another cheaper, if longer and definitely the more exciting part is crossing over land into Cambodia....

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Top Places To Visit in Cambodia 23 Spots

We took a private shuttle from Poipet to Siem Reap. We reached Siem Reap at around 11 PM in the night. But the place where we were dropped wasn’t the place we had to go. These locals are not trustworthy and they are like minded. The shuttle dropped us in the location that is far away from the Siem Reap city and that is the place where you get Tuk-Tuks (Motorcycle/Rickshaw Mashup). This guy who walked in to the shuttle kind of scared everyone since we refused to pay the money. We refused to pay because the deal was to drop us in the hotel and not in some dark alley on the back roads of Siem Reap. There were two foreigners along with us, who got scared and paid the money the Tuk-Tuk guys asked and went with them to the hotel. Please do not judge us as heroes... But we are in no position to pay the money for what they have done. We walked all the way towards the hotel ( roughly 4 kms ).. The trick here was to use the offline maps by Triposo Inc that we pre-loaded to our mobile prior to the trip. We are the #GeoGeeks and we are built to do this kind of stuff.
The capital city of the country has lot to offer aprt from party culture. It has vast historical importance. The Pol pot regime was one of the worst period in the history of mankind.It is also the city where the king stays. The Independence Tower, National Museum, Royal palace, Peace Tower, S21 genocide Centre, Killing fields etc are some of the Major attractions in the city.Daily approximately cost for budget traveler :- $25-30Mode of transport:- you can get Tuktuk or can hire a bike for $7-10 a day. Or ride onto moto for $1-3Stay options:- number of hostels for backpackers ranging from $4-12 a night. You can stay in private room or in a dorm.Places to eat:- The central market area, area around Independence monument, Royal palace and the road near riverside.

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