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Best time to visit UK is in the month of July when there is sunshine and days are warm. Having said that, the weather is so unpredictable and it rains very much against the forecast of a warm sunny day.This was my first visit to United Kingdom. I landed at Manchester and went straight up to Stockport where my aunt lives. Stockport is a small quiet town close to Manchester. The place is more of a countryside with less population and beautiful parks all around.Day 1- Being a soccer fan, I decided to take a tour of the Manchester United Stadium (one of the largest stadiums in the world). It can house upto 70,000 people. The stadium is witness to some historical matches and it is not to be confused with Manchester City league. They are different from Man Utd. To book a tour, visit the website and book the available spots for the day. Fortunately, i got a place for me the very next day. The tour lasted for roughly 90 mins. My tour group had fans from across the world. The tour guide gave us a walkthrough of the stadium, dressing room, bars (apparently, it was here where The Spice Girls performed and Victoria met David Beckham for the first time and we know the story thereafter) and the feeling of how it is when crowd cheers as we stepped out of the stadium into the main ground with background music running. The whole tour makes you feel nice and acquainted with some interesting facts about the league matches and teams. The guide was very entertaining and made us smile all the way through the tour.

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Best time to visit Manchester is from May to July

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