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Head to Thrissur for a day The zenith of this Kerala trip might just come on the last day of this holiday....

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Sholayar Forest Ranges, Thrissur
Its early morning 6.00 as we (myself and a colleague) started in my Royal Enfield, The sun started to rise. Thrishur was almost 125+ kms from coimbatore. we were able to reach it by 8.30. Landing at Arya's Hotel in Thrishur NH, we had Kerala special Kozha puttu for breakfast. After a little drag we move further to reach the Chalakudy road which was much easier to find, the road which leads to Adhirapally Falls. After reaching the falls we drenched ourselves for  an hour. It was almost 11.30. The best part is about to start. Many people think that Adhirapally Falls is a dead end road. But there is a beauty which leads you to Valparai from there. In almost no time we reached the check posy for Valparai road. This leads you up to the sources of Adhirapally Falls, going further to valparai. It's a 90 kms stretch were you can enjoy wilderness. The road was cover both the sides by trees. It was drizzling all the time. Condition by the check post Police officials is that we have to reach the other end by 2hrs. Needless to say the road was laid in best quality that you can easily reach in given time, but the greenery around the place, a small river running in the verge of road following you all the way uphill, breath taking views and animals will not let you reach though. You Can reach Valparai in 2 hrs. From after having lunch at valparai we reached Coimbatore back in evening through Pollachi. All I could say is its the most beautiful trip I had ever taken so far!
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The main attraction of course was Kovalam beach, which is around 18kms from Trivandrum city. 'Kovalam' means a grove of coconut trees and true to its name the village offers an endless sight of coconut trees.
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There are some sounds and sights that possess the virtue of inducing a sense of well being in you, which are potent enough to calm down the chaos of your mind; they simply imbue you with a sheer feeling of hope and clarity. There are some harmonies you must like to rejoice in before you pack your bags for Kerala - chirping of birds, rustling of leaves, songs of nature's bounty. But above all you must like the sound of your own thoughts, because that would be the most prominent of all.

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Best time to visit Kerala is from November to February

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