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You can fly straight to Bangkok and then explore Thailand....

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Wat Arun was my best bet and smooth ride on the boat to get there just before the sunset made my experience of the Wat all the more wholesome....

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The elaborate Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo are the most photographed sights in Bangkok. Work began on the Grand Palace under King Rama I in 1782 to provide a home for the King and a resting place for the Emerald Buddha. The Royal Family no longer lives in the Grand Palace, having moved to the Dusit area, but tourists visit this spectacular site to see Thailand’s holiest temple, Wat Phra Kaeo. Stroll around, and give in to the urge to take a hundred pictures. Doesn't matter that each one of those angles has been clicked before -- you deserve one all of your own.
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I arrived in Bangkok with an agenda. One of my favorite cities in the world, I decided to change things up a bit and focus on one of the city’s most fascinating streets. I visited Bangkok’s most famous street - the backpacker gateway to Southeast Asia – Khao San Road and its neighbor, the equally handy Soi Rambuttri. Just about anything is available on Khao San Road. Accommodation, travel services, massages, food, clothing, jewelry, used books, pirated DVDs, tattoos, hair braiding, fake IDs, you name it. Forgot to graduate from Oxford? Or become a member of the media? Or turn 21? No problem! Khao San’s fake ID merchants can help. Need a tattoo and a bus ticket to Vietnam? Khao San’s got you covered. If you need it, you can probably find it on Khao San Road. It’s a place to disappear or, perhaps, to find yourself.
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About Bangkok

Every year Bangkok experiences a rise of 0.8 degree Celsius and along with temperature fluctuations, flooding has become a present reality for the city. In last few years Bangkok's issue with climate has speed up drastically and a future with irreversible effects.

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Best time to visit Bangkok is from December to February


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