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Edinburgh Castle Right on Top of Castle Rock 6....

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I have a lot of precious memories from my time spent in Edinburgh, it’s still one of my favourite cities....

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Next visit was to Edinburgh City which took me through the M8 which weaves thro fabulous countryside. The Edinburgh Castle was the best place to visit there.
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By far my favorite part about the overall Hogmanay festival is the Torchlight. Led by Vikings with torches twice the size of what I carried and accompanied by bagpipes and other music through old Edinburgh, ending on the top of Calton Hill, it’s just unlike anything else I’ve ever done anywhere in the world. I laughingly joked my first time that I couldn’t believe they were letting me play with fire at all….let alone also letting thousands of other people do so at the same time! Grand grand fun and so many photo-worthy moments too.
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About Edinburgh

We reached Edinburgh in the afternoon and after checking in the B & B decided to explore the city. They were conversant with the culture, tipping etiquette and everything else in UK and graciously let me tag along with them :). They very much reminded me of my younger sister and her husband and I was so glad to be in their company.

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Best time to visit Edinburgh is from May to July


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