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Riding alongside the reflections of pagodas that was enveloped in the morning mist, I totally see why this mysterious place has ignited creative sparks among some famous Chinese poets.Best Time To Visit: Apart from during Moon Cake Festival in autumn other great time to see Hangzhou on the lake is during springtime in April when peach and plum are in full blossom – what a sheer delight! ...

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One Thousand Island lake (also known in chinese as 千岛湖) is roughly 330km away from Shanghai (our start point)....

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West Lake Scenic, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310000
West Lake, Hangzhou, China, 310000
Westlake is named the pinnacle Hangzhou experience, and the willows help set the movie-like scene for the most picturesque spot to shoot wedding photos. There’s something about these willows by the lake that make them oh-so-romantic. Perhaps it’s them waving gently in the wind like they’re having a dang good time soaking up the golden sun. Best Way To See Them: Hire a bike and peddle your way through some scenic routes such as around the iconic Broken Bridge.
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Hopping off the Chinese bullet train at Hangzhou Station from Shanghai, a few things that are distinctively Hangzhou have struck me right away.

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Best time to visit Hangzhou is from April to February

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