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Consists of Pulau Perhentian Besar (The Large Perhentian Islands, more resort based) and the Pulau Perhentian Kecil (The Small Perhentian Island – much better backpacker scene)....

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After spending two nights at Perhentian, on 21 we resumed our journey back to Kuala Besut towards the western part of Malaysia – the island of Penang....

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About Terengganu Malaysia

A candid confession here! I never knew adventure seekers could go wreck diving too! Yes, my idea of sea world adventure started with snorkelling and ended with cliff diving. Of course diving and coral reefs figured in the list too. But reading about Malaysia tourism, I landed on this crazy discovery - wreck diving! And adventure freaks can try this off Redang Island, Terranganu. Partly a marine park, this island has around 31 dive sites that include two World War historic shipwreck sites. Not just wrecks, but there are also beautiful coral gardens here. Oh, I want to see them all!

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Best time to visit Terengganu Malaysia is from December to February
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