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Tiger footprints Arriving in Kumily, 4 kilometers away from Periyar, tours operator will offer several full day and half a day tours....

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After a tasty breakfast of appams and egg curry, we met TK.Sajeev, Nature Education Officer, at Periyar Tiger Reserve....

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About Kumily

This is a popular and very important spice trading region of Kerala's Idukki District. This is situated on the Cardamom Hill and the name is apt. Tourists come here in large numbers to explore the green spice plantations here and also shop from the spice market. The spice Market is the main tourist attraction here followed by the Periyar Tiger and Wildlife Sanctuary. Kumily is also close to other tourist destinations of Kerala and Tamil nadu. Apart from buying spices, you also get spice preserves, spice chocolates, tea varieties and coffee of good quality in Kumily. The climate of this place is tropical and thus the climate is not really bad. There is abundance of natural beauty and the ingredient of fauna is added in full amount by the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.

Best Time To Visit

November- May

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