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Krisna's Butter Ball Lighthouse in the Background Varaha Cave Temple Pancha Pandava Rathas The Shore Temple Descent of the Ganges bas-relief Krishna Mandapam Ancient Rock Cutting Technique Arjuna's Penance If you are making a trip to South India, you must include a one day trip to Mahabalipuram as its easy on the pockets, on the eyes, and definitely on your time....

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The main Shore Temple and The Mandapas (Cave Temples) are very near to each other, while the Pancha Rathas complex is a kilometer down the road....

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Edaikazhinadu, Mahabalipuram 603304
Once a glorious fortress, built during the Mughal era, the Alamparai Fort is in ruins today but still speaks of the valorous tales of the past.Distance from Chennai: 2 h 48 min (110.1 km) via East Coast Road9. Get your dose of adrenaline at Muttukadu
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Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this complex is made up of one large and two small temples. These were built during the the 8th Century AD during the time of King Narasimhavarmana II. This place during that time was an important port and a center for trade and business activities. This is known as the Shore Temple Complex as this is very close to the sea and a part of the coastal area on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. People who visit this place make sure to take a dip in the sea before worshipping here.
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About Mahabalipuram

Home to UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples, dreamy sunsets and spiritually-uplifting energy, Mahabalipuram is perhaps one of the most visited places in Tamil Nadu. Locally known as Mamallapuram, this was once the capital of the Pallava Empire. From exciting water sports to classic statuettes, the place is a delight for voyagers. Feel the shore underneath your feet at the Mahabalipuram beach and indulge in some super fun beach activities such as wind surfing and sea diving. The temples here have a special feature in common, they are built in the form of chariots with open air sanctoriums. The Shore Temple, standing strong like a marvellous rock-cut stone and overlooking the sea is known as the last creation of the Pallava kings. Another wonder in Mahabalipuram is the Panch Rathas, the five monuments that were etched out of a single rock in the 7th century. Pack your travel bags to explore the incredible Indian history by discovering the ageless stories of temples and their incredible architecture. You can get a bus from Koyembedu in Chennai or Pondicherry.

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Best time to visit Mahabalipuram is from November to February

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