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Singapore Entrance to Madagascar,Universal Studios Merlion Singapore Roller-coaster, Universal Studios, Singapore Universal Studios, Singapore It's certainly not as flashy as, say Dubai, but sometimes it feels like Singapore is trying to prove something....

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Universal Studios Singapore

From meeting Marilyn Monroe, well almost, to going for a Madagascar safari; from fighting a transformers battle in their jet, to the dragon ride, every experience was a new and rejuvenating one. Clearly The Universal Studio was the best and most adventurous part of Singapore.
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Gardens By The Bay

Laneway Music Festival, baby! Although I didn’t know any of the songs played, I enjoyed the experience. There was a point when I almost wanted to pass out because of being squeezed in a crowd of hippies, but I just opted to close my eyes, listen to the lyrics, feel the beat, and let myself be swallowed by the music. This is ultimate art immersion.
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