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This giant statue is more than 35m long. 4) Veli Tourist Center Image Credit: kerala tourism Boardered by Veli lagoon and the Arabian Sea, the village includes water sports , waterfront park, floating bridge, children's park, restaurant,Boating, garden etc....

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Finally, I rested my bike on the bay of a rocky promontory. The beach, and its crescents painted on the canvas of the Arabian Sea waves. This calm retreat was a perfect end to my trip. From sunbathing at noon to Catamaran-cruising under the clear starlit sky, life didn’t seem to cease at a single wasted moment on this beach. I had thought of staying for just a night, but the tapering end of my trip got extended to a weeklong Yoga retreat, which I enjoyed as the waves hit the porch of my rented beach house. I could never get enough of my adventurous saga, yet I had to reconsider my pocket and start my journey back home. However, I realized who I actually was during my journey of finding my granddad's essence; sitting on the very same bike that he had, about 50 years back, and lying back on the sands, close to the sea, I saw his reflection within me!
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As you obviously know, I''m not much into temples, but this one is beautiful. Not only because of the architecture,and the history, but the fact that the people there have immense respect for there culture makes you wish to respect their culture as well.
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End of day reached Thiruvanthapuram I have panned to reach to Varkala but, it was too late and roads are not so great


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