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Kailashahar is a small town in Tripura along the Bangladesh border. The name Kailashahar comes from the belief that Lord Shiva once resided here. The rich legacy of the town is inscribed in the form of images on big stones and rocks, an amazing sight to see. The best place to see these beautiful rock carvings and sculptures is Unakoti. If art and culture interests you, there is much to learn from the locals and their way of life.

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I have reached Kailashahar at around 4 pm same day....

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. | bed tea in morning | costs taken care of | the fame Tripura hospitality | head to the tea estate | Vodaphone tells me I'm in Bangladesh | I pay for international roaming | Under the tutelage of Buddha Dev Acharya we learn the art of processing green tea and CTC | Handmade flower tea | April 29: Sabroom | Ludhua Tea Estate Plucking leaves |Tripura Tea not famed enough to compete with Assam and Darjeeling |the bud and two leaves for green tea |maintain tea bush height | tribal pickers guided by handlers | tea tasting| tour of the tribal villages | the school teacher offers a tour and home grown custard apple | the Mog tribe | tea in beautiful Bangladeshi cups | Riding along the fenced border of Bangladesh | special permission | local market | smelly dry fishes | The river that divided the two nations | Feni River | April 30: Sabroom Work still on at the tea factory | Eating green mango under a tree | Surrounded by ponds and tea slopes | Helping the workers of the factory | All political parties of Tripura have called a strike against the central government's attempt to make all old polluting vehicles off road | Crossing the rubber plantations through heavy storm in an ambulance to beat the strike called by the red flags of the red state | April 30: Agartala The so called only 3 star hotel in the city refuses to let us stay because he can't cough up a marriage certificate | Irritated and pissed off (I use my sketchy Bangla to give them a piece of my mind) | frog in the well mentality | we go back to New Mayur Hotel | better room | cleaner | roadside Puri sabzi | the vendor tells me he only sells in the evening | the best puri sabzi in Agartala | have tea at a shady tea shop near the liquor store | May 1: Agartala> bus> Dharmanagar | Dharmanagar> bus (1 hour)> Kailashahar Busy local bus | from bus stop, auto rickshaw to Unakoti Tourist Lodge | Evening | wandering around Kailashahar | fake veg biryani + puri | conversations with locals | T.V at the lodge |Captain America | May 2: Kailashahar> Unakoti Auto Rickshaw to Unakoti | One less than a crore | Ancient bas relief statues on the rocks of Unakuti| water gushes over the alien looking figures of Shiva and Ganesha | Two heavily armed paramilitary ask us to be careful on the slippery stairs | One scared shit government official guarded by two policemen and a petty expresses shock that Lilian is traveling in such a remote area |She replies, "Very beautiful place....

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Kailashahar, Tripura 799277, India
Next day, I was curious to visit tea garden, very famous one is "Kalishashan " Tea Garden which is again 30 mins drive f...
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Near Kumarghat, Kailashahar

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