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Medina The holy city of Medina is only 400 km away from Jeddah and only takes 3.5 hour by car....

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After Mecca we moved onto Medina....

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Haram Al Madinah, Medina Saudi Arabia

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About Medina

Medina or the city of the prophet is the second holy place in Saudi after Mecca, it stores the prophet mosque that includes prophet Mohammed grave. In an attempt to discover more about the history of the city we started to search for the historical places and we were so disappointed. This city is supposed to tell a lot about the Islamic history, unfortunately most of the historical places have been destroyed except for few old mosques. Old neighborhoods and houses are removed having 5 stars hotels and new roads built instead. A few left to tell about the history of Medina. We had our best meal in Medina; we visited the fish market that is 1 Km from the prophet mosque and where you can have a variety of sea food options. People and tourist are coming from everywhere at lunch time, the fish is being fried in really big pans that is full of oil, after taking out the fish from the pan the cooker takes a bunch of spices and put it over, the taste is really good Yum yummy.

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