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Bhishma Pitamaha was a character that was bound by his vow and eventually had to fight for the Kauravas. Not exactly a villain, yet he was the chief of their army. A temple in Prayagraj is dedicated to him and shows him sleeping on the bed of arrows.It is located in Daraganj near a famous Nagvasuki temple. While there is another Bhishma temple in Kurukshetra, the one in Prayagraj is much more detailed and elaborate. Bhishma was definitely a man of his words and an intellectual person, who sacrificed everything in the line of duty. One could learn the importance of values and virtues from this anti-hero.The existence of these temples is proof that everybody has a good side to them. All it takes is someone to notice it and shed light on it. It's time to pack your bags and learn a thing or two from the fallen. All hail the villains!Have you been to any of these temples? Tell us all about it here on Tripoto!Get travel inspiration from us daily! Save our number and send a Whatsapp message on 9599147110 to begin!

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