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My making headway to The Himalayas turned out to be the penultimate soul awakening experience....

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Getaways are the best thing that can happen to anyone....

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tehsil- joshimath , Ghangaria, Chamoli, Uttarakhand 246443, India
Earlier used as a cattle grazing ground, this was declared as a national park and then later an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2005. This is in the Josimath Region of the Bhyundar Valley and is known for its outstanding scenic beauty. There is a little bit of everything here which makes this place magical. Starting from fresh air and snow clad mountain to colourful flowers and lush greenery, you get everything here. This place along with the Nanda Devi National Park make up the whole nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is a place extremely rich in natural biodiversity. There is an abundance of alpine shrubs and other plants, it is also known that in the epic of Ramayana, Hanumana brought down the Sanjeevani herb to save the life of lakshmana from this same place. It is still believed that the Sanjeevani herb grows here. The Gauri Parbat is the highest peak here and more than 650 varieties of flowers grow here including rare ones such as cobra lily, Brahmakamal as well as blue poppy. Photographers and nature lovers find their ultimate food for the sould in such a place and tourists find immense bliss and peace out here.
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Chandrashila, Tungnath, Uttarakhand 246401
It is located on the summit of Tungnath at 13000 ft and means when literally translated "Moon Rock", it is said to be the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the demon-king Ravana and also the place where the moon god spent his time in penance.
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About Himalayas

We reached Sewa by around 3pm. The gents would sleep in the homestay while the ladies will be in tents. Quickly all our trekking shoes were off. What a mighty relief! Anoop took out the tennis ball and Frisbee to play around. The moment the tennis ball was out cricket HAD to be played. And when its cricket there won't be any love lost. Even if it means playing at an altitude of 6,300 ft.! You have to give it to the love for cricket; everyone was so involved that they started to fight with each other. It was hilarious to see as me and Sourabha watched them play.It got dark, and along with it came some hot tomato soup and popcorns. Wheee! Now the problem in these kind of high altitude treks is that dinner gets served by 7-7:30, which we are not accustomed to. People go to bed by 8:30. We decided to stay put for a little longer.While Mahendra and Vishwa tried to capture star trails (I also tried but gave up pretty soon once I realised it ain't my cup of tea) me, Anoop, Harsha, and Sourabha just lay there on our backs staring at the starry sky and milky way, while the rest snuggled inside their sleeping bags. We sang in our donkey voices, joked and laughed to our content and counted shooting stars; all this under starry black night and a milky way. To good to be true!Day 3: A Long, Tiring, and Arduous DayThe start to a day on a trek starts pretty early. Everyone is normally up by 6am, and trek ready by 8am. Today also we carry packed lunch. Our destination today is Jiskun. Rick promised us that we will just love Jiskun. We'll have to wait.We started off and soon arrived at the Sewa temple. The temple has the design aspects of Kinnauri culture. It remains closed and opens only when God comes. Yes, only when God comes! Hmmm!The trail again enters pine forest with a gradual descent. Out of the forest and the Rupin river welcomes us once again. And we all were straight in the river! But wait, the water is freezing here. We came out of the river at twice the speed to what we entered! Brrrrr! But this was an absolute beauty of a spot.Quickly back on the trail and we reached a motor-able road; Gosangu. The road is rocky and the sun was right up on our head. It was no fun to be back on the road again. While we continued on our foot it only got hotter throughout the day, and we had to keep ourselves hydrated more often. For obvious reasons this part will be least liked during the entire trek.We had packed lunch in between much to our respite. My shoulders were hurting like crazy now. Moving on and we now have to ascend. Already out of energy we carried along. This was turning out to be a tiring day. We did ensure to keep refilling our bottles wherever we could find a water source/stream. We stopped for some refreshments. Hot tea and soft drinks arrived much to everyone's joy.

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