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Amazing Things to Do in Singapore Of all the wonderful places to visit in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer undoubtedly tops the list because, well, it makes you feel on top of the world....

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But, due to government-driven changes, these things, if they ever were true, are changing....

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From meeting Marilyn Monroe, well almost, to going for a Madagascar safari; from fighting a transformers battle in their jet, to the dragon ride, every experience was a new and rejuvenating one. Clearly The Universal Studio was the best and most adventurous part of Singapore.
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Laneway Music Festival, baby! Although I didn’t know any of the songs played, I enjoyed the experience. There was a point when I almost wanted to pass out because of being squeezed in a crowd of hippies, but I just opted to close my eyes, listen to the lyrics, feel the beat, and let myself be swallowed by the music. This is ultimate art immersion.
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For women travelling alone, there isn't a safer destination on earth. With strict laws and a no-tolerance attitude towards troublemakers, the rate of crime in Singapore is extremely low. Cases of sexual assault and street harassment are rare, making walking alone even at night a pleasurable experience. So pick Singapore if you are sick of looking over your shoulder and spend time here exploring the city-state's colonial heritage, its ancient rainforests, the soaring skylines and the most glorious amalgamation of flavours. How many people feel safe at night: 98%Top things to see and do: Explore Gardens by the Bay, a botanical garden, which is more of a 21st century fantasy land; Look at Southeast Asian art at the gorgeous National Gallery; Get up close and personal with all kinds of fascinating animals at the stunningly laid out Singapore Zoo; Take a day trip to Pulau Ubin Island; Head to Chinatown to taste Singapore's street food favourites.

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Best time to visit Singapore is from December to February


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