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The trail begins along the route to Rajmachi from Lonavala. We had been on this route a few months back during our solo night trek to Rajmachi, hence we were familiar with the trail until Jambhavli phata. Since we were walking in the dead of the night, and that too on a new moon day we could hardly see anything apart from what our torches illuminated in front of us. But nature has its own way to break the dark of the night. In this instance, its weapon of choice were the fireflies, and they were beautiful. Little sparks of light randomly illuminating and disappearing around us. I walked, trying to spot as many as I could but our torch lights betrayed us. Soon we came up to the Jambhavli phata from where we turned right to proceed to Valvand - our stop for the night.We reached Udhewadi village at 5 am. The 11 Km long walk wore us out, and we were ready to hit the sack. The morning alarm for breakfast was at 6:30, so we hardly had an hour of sleep. That precious hour was interjected with murmurs, snores, heavy rains and thick fog. When the bell rang, we woke up and munched on homemade Parathas prepared by Shilpa - our co-lead. We washed them down with a cup of tea and were ready to hit the road just after 7.

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