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Next day we left for Nha Trang, we took a shortcut to meet with Highway 26 which took us along a dirt toad through lovely rural communities. It was slow progress but luckily it wasn't long until we hit Krong Buk, after about 10k we stopped for food and had yummy rice and meat and as we rounded the corner on our bikes agin we saw police standing next to a van stopping motorists. One policeman saw Liam and tried to stop him but Liam zoomed past however he then turned his attention to me and had time to step out in front of the bike determined to stop me. I braked slightly pretending to stop at the side but then as I got close swerved to the right while he jumped out of the way and I then just yanked the throttle and caught up with Liam hoping they wouldn't come after us. We were both freaking out that we would be in serious trouble but after some time I felt more at ease that we were safe although worried that they might have radioed ahead. Eventually our mind was taken off the worry as we started riding along this incredible road. Far better than the famous Hai Van Pass and it went on and on with pretty much no traffic. As we neared Nha Trang the road met with highway 1 and soon came into the city. We found our hotel, after Liam thought it was this crummy museum, and the girl that worked there was very friendly although very unhappy and constantly companied. After a few days and feeling ill we were finding her extremely irritating and pretty weird! Liam couldn't stand her so I had to do all the talking.Liam got busy researching scuba diving courses and had soon decided to go with Sailing Club Divers who did a Padi course for £250 USD. Liams course lasted a few days so I laid in and went to the beach as there wasn't much else to do and then on his last day went out on the boat and went snorkelling while everyone else scuba dived. We went to two sights, the first was better as the second had stronger currents which made me a bit nervous. At one point there was a big fish, scary! I felt rather sea sick on the way back. While Liam did his finaly test back at the club I chilled out in a bar next door which was really lovely. The next day we treated ourselves to a mud spa which was amazing. The mud was so cool, we then soaked in a mineral bath and then went into various pools of different temperatures. It was great!

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