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About Buenos Aires

The capital and the most populous city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is arguably the most important cultural hub of the entire western hemisphere. Although located an entire globe away from India, the streets will seem eerily familiar to every Indian because the climate is similar and it's a developing nation boasting of rich history. Probably Argentina's greatest cultural contribution to the world, tango is what makes the city effortlessly sexy. When you watch people "making love in the vertical position" while they are engrossed in a steamy strut, you realise that there's nothing that can hold Buenos Aires back from expressing itself.Famous for: Lionel Messi and tango.Things to do: Witness a local football match. Roam the streets at night, because the city never sleeps.Weather in January: Average is 12 degrees celsius, and the air is dry.Average budget per head for 5 days (excluding flights): Rs. 40,000For more details, read this.

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Best time to visit Buenos Aires is from June to September
Buenos Aires


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