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Day 2 - 'Panoramic Tour: CLP 50,000 for 2 person' We decided to take a 'Panoramic tour', visiting all ski resorts but not entering them. This was a better option for us rather than entering the resorts because we aren't trained to ski. I would recommend non-skiers not to enter the resorts, as they charge heavily for the entry tickets and equipment, which will go a waste if you can't ski. Even if you don't enter the resort, there is enough snow outside to enjoy and play around. You can also opt for tubing without actually entering the resorts. For such activities you are required to rent pant, boots, and gloves. Incase you have sufficient warm clothes, you don't need a jacket. For us the jacket was a waste because it was very sunny so cold was quite tolerable.

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Best time to visit El Colorado is from December to April
El Colorado

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