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Machu Pichhu, the name resonates with mystery, intrigue and of course one of the new Seven Wonders of the modern world. Machu Pichhu in the native quechua language means “old mountain”. For me, it was the journey of a lifetime and a dream travel destination that was long awaited. Machu Picchu is today the top tourist destination in South America attracting global tourists. However few Indian tourists visit this place perhaps due to the long distance involved or lack of awareness.But thanks to the super hit film “Robot”, in which Rajnikanth shakes a leg with Aishwarya Rai on top of Machu Pichhu for a popular song inappropriately titled“Kilimanjaro”, Indians have started to realize the potential of this great archaeological site. I traveled from Lima, the capital of Peru to Cusco Cityby flight. The flight lasting approximately 75 minutes offers breathtaking view of the snow capped Andes mountain range below.Once you reach Cusco, a small town located at a height of 3,400 meters above sea level, altitude sickness could take a heavy toll on human body due to lack of oxygen. Hence the tourists are recommended to take medication to beat the sickness. I had taken adequate precaution, yet I succumbed to this sickness just after completing the city tour. Most American tourists come well prepared and stay for 3-4 days to acclimatize themselves before exploring the mystical city. There is no accommodation at Machu Pichhu except for an expensive Traveler Lodge and hence Cusco remains the base camp. Next day early morning 6 am, I had to take the luxury Train to Machu Pichhu and hence preferred to skip dinner and take adequate rest.

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