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Where the sand is as soft as clay Where the ocean puts the blue sky to shame Where the dark night is not enough to hide a blotched past Welcome one and all to the island of Zanzibar I will write for you the simplest ultimate guide on Zanzibar that you will ever hear or read....

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About Zanzibar North Region

Flights (return): Rs. 35,000.Hotel ( 4 days and 3 nights) : Rs. 5,000Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. It is a mixing pot of culture with African influence, Omani history and lies in the Indian ocean. You'll definitely enjoy the clear blue, turquoise waters of Zanzibar.Top 3 reasons why Indians should visit Zanzibar:1. 3 months visa on arrival2. Cheap destination when it comes to flight & hotel reservation.3. Untouched, unexplored beautiful white beachesZanzibar is called the land of spices and without a doubt it's true. The reason we loved Zanzibar was for their wide range of sea food options. It is extremely cheap for the quantity and quality. Fresh seafood with African spices.A few things to keep in mind before going to Zanzibar:1) We paid $60 at Zanzibar airport for visa which is valid for 3 months.2) You will require a yellow fever vaccination certificate as they will check it at immigration.3) You need to convert your Indian driving licence to international licence if you are planning to rent a car. In our opinion, it is the best way to explore this island. You will require a Zanzibar driver permit which you can issue for $10. A rent a car company will help you with it.4) Zanzibar water is very saline. It is difficult to even brush teeth in tap water. So you'll need to buy bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth.5) If you want to experience true zanzibarian culture, stay in a mid-range hotel away from the main town.

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Best time to visit Zanzibar North Region is from October to May

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