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Bad Goisern wasn't a destination in my itinerary. Hallstatt was. But Bad Goisern was a relatively cheap stay option for Hallstatt, and that's how I chose to be there. I hadn't researched about Bad Goisern at all. To me it was just a stopover.It was the second consecutive day of my trip where I had to travel the entire day to get to my destination. I left Bled around 9AM and got to Bad Goisern around 5PM, after several break journeys. I took a bus from Bled bus stop to get to Lesce Bled station. A train journey then to Salzburg, which was a bit eventful (the train stopped at Villach and all the passengers were transferred by a bus to the next station, from where the journey continued onward). A bus journey (Bus 150) then from Salzburg to Bad Ischl and then another bus journey (Bus 452) to finally reach Bad Goisern Mitte.Bad Goisern was covered with snow. In fact, most part of the journey in Austria, with the exception of Salzburg, was through snow covered landscape. It was cold and dark when I eventually reached. Next day, I would head to Hallstatt, so I called it a day relatively early.

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