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Last and tenth day was return to Colombo to catch a 2 pm flight back. For most routes in Sri Lanka taxis run at about 30-40 km per hour, due to hilly terrain, single lane roads, and random traffic jams. Except this return Expressway covered 150 km in less than 3 hours.You can sell your excess local currency back before check in. I was provided USD back in smallest denomination of $5 bills. I don't know if they carry $1 bills. Expert tip- Use bank's exchange rate night before (e.g. for Sampath Bank) to have just enough amount in LKR (plus 20-30/- extra) to sell back, and spend rest of it. Airport has free WiFi as well.Adios Sri Lanka, or as locals call it often, Ceylon!We reached Chennai by 3:30 pm, booked an Uber to Kyambadu and hailed private AC sleeper bus to reach Bangalore at midnight of new year!!Note on FoodSri Lankan food is generally cheap, and hence we didn't pack any of Maggie or MTR packets. We found that for vegetarians options are very limited. Whole cuisine essentially has 5-7 options:* Rice & Curry - staple and most common option, 150/- at roadside cheapest way to fill your tummy, rice with mix of curries, common being (dry) dahl, (gravy) potato, (dry) banana flower, jackfruit, mango, etc.* Rotti - paratha like bread made from white flour (maida), with fillings, veg and meat (okay to eat, bland in taste)* Kottu - paratha like bread pieces mixed with veg/meat crumbs (didn't like)* Pittu - lumpy rice, eaten with curries* Hopper - string or bowl shaped, made from dosa batter, eaten with potato or dal curries (good, tasty)

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