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There is small little hill adjoining 400 meters high rock on which Fira is inhabited. It makes a good 3-4 hours round trek around the hill with panoramic view of volcano and Fira with bit steep climb on the rocky stairs. I bumped into an American family on that almost deserted trek, the Father won't stop talking, an enthusiast photographer daughter in her twenties and a mother with great sense of humor! On the other side of the hill we reached discovered a small little church that was marked as Private Property, I made the American proudly stand next to the signboard posing as they are the owners of the property for a Kodak moment. Later I took a bus to Oia the village for world famous Santorini sunsets! I reached too early for the sunset, days in April were really long with sunsetting at around 7.30 PM, so found a nice little cafe, Bluesky Restaurant, that served exquisite house white wine and pastas the Greek way. Got on with The Beach, Alex Garland, so aptly describes my philosophy of travel "You keep planning Borneo forever. Book a ticket, get the visa, pack a bag for yourself. And things will happen". The sunset at Oia was majestic and the white buildings turned into pastel shades of purple and pink after sun submerged in the waters.

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