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Situated on the banks of river Salzach near the German border, nestled in the Alps , Salzburg is a charming city. The word Salzburg means 'Salt Fortress' and the city gained importance due to the salt trade along the Salzach river. Festung Hohensalzburg - the massive fortress of the city is one of Europe best preserved medieval fortresses. The historic old part of the city (Aldstadt) remained unaffected from bombings and is decorated with baroque architechture, fountains and colourful lanes. The city center is the best preserved city center north of the Alps. Salzburg was the birthplace of the great Classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The city also got some fame from the musical play and movie 'Sound of Music', which was set in Salzburg.The entire trip was covered as a day trip from Vienna.

Best Time To Visit Salzburg

Best time to visit Salzburg is from February to May

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