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This is the place where I stayed when I was in Seville and the best part about this place is the fact that it is almost adjacent to some of the best restaurants in Seville. Located in La Alameda de Hercules, the minute you step out of this place, you’ll see lovely fountains and a flee market where I ended up shopping quite a bit from. The host, Jero, is very sweet, so much so that he dropped me to central bus station, where I had to take a bus to Portugal from because he didn’t want me to get troubled with the luggage! (I would had to change two buses or walk quite a bit had he not dropped me).Check it out! Click here.Seville is a place that has a charm of its own and I feel that this can be best enjoyed on foot. One can only do so if they are staying in a place that is centrally located and I’m glad that’s what I did because I didn’t waste time in trying to get to the city center or understanding complex bus schedules which gave me a lot of time to actually enjoy and imbibe the vibe of Seville.

Best Time To Visit Seville

Best time to visit Seville is from December to June

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