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For me, it has become a ritual to go on a trip after the semester ends. So we knew we had to go somewhere, and we decided to go to Varkala. We booked our train tickets from Calicut and caught it at 10pm on a thursday. The minute we got into our coach, I passed out with the showering breeze on my face. I almost sleep climbed the upper berth later, which I cannot recall. At 6am, as I was planning to brush my teeth while I was still half-asleep, my friend screamed “Varkala!” and I was like “yeah” and then she panicked — “No! I mean this is Varkala Station!”. I somehow collected my specs, my sling bag and my ear phones…climbed down, pulled my bag out and rannnnnn. The train literally stops at that station for 60 seconds. I knew that this trip was going to be crazy with that mad alert.

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