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Goechala Trek is best known for its grand view of 14 highest mountains of the Himalayas, out of which the World’s third highest mountain Mt Kanchenjunga dominates the most. That is a lot for any trekker who wishes to be in the close proximity of High mountains of Kanchenjunga range. No doubt this trek is the most favorite among the trekkers. The high point of the trek is when the first ray of sun rise falls on the Kanchenjunga range. The whole mountain range shines like a golden chain. Beside that trekking in the flowering season I.e., Spring season of the region is another eye candy for trekkers. The whole trail seems like a carpet of red flower of Rhododendron.

This trek holds some of the best trekking trail in India. You able to spot the blue sheep of mountains, the wild yaks and the beautiful snow leopards. Also don’t forget the cutest animal of all the red panda could also be spotted here in the Spring season of the year. Beside this the trek also hold some rare birds like snow pigeons, red beak crow and the most beautiful Himalayan Monal. The samiti lake is another big attraction on Goechala Trek. The reflection of Mt Pandim in the deep blue water of Samiti Lake is a visual treat for trekkers.

  • Yuksom
  • The Goechala Trek starts from Yuksom, fairly 170km away from Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, settled in the West Sikkim district. Yuksom is small town which once was the capital of Sikkim. This place is also called the gateway to heaven. The cultural heritage of the place can be observed in its monasteries. There are two highlights of this place, one the beautiful Dubdi Monastery and second is garden of Norbu gang, Coronation throne of Namgyal Dynasty. A peaceful moment at these places will surely give calmness to your sole.
  • It would take 6 to 8 hours to reach Yuksom from Siliguri. The trek starts the next day of your arrival. There are two things we need to do at Yuksom before we start our trek to Goechala. First thing is an entry at the local police station. So, please carry a photo id proof with three photo copies. Second, you need to pay permit fees at the forest check post. Our trek leader or guide will help you do this activity. The overall charge for the fee is about Rs 700. Please note camera charges are extra. If you are a foreigner, please find the necessary permit you need at the end of the page.
  • Bakhim
  • On the first day of Goechala Trek, we will trek till Sachen or till Bakhim depending upon your pace. The gradient of the trail is moderate to difficult. Initially, the trail is gradual ascend after which the trail becomes little steep. The trail passes through dense shadow of trees beside the river.
  • After we cross the first bridge Pha Khola, the trail climbs gradually, After the camel hump climb and descend, the next hour and half is a pleasant walk through the tall trees. There are multiple hydrations point on this route. We switch the mountains side from left to right on the large iron bridge above Tshushay Khola. We usually stop here to explore the beautiful multiple mini waterfalls at this point.
  • After we cross the bridge, the trails noticeably start gaining altitude. An hour after crossing bridge you will reach Bakhim which is at 7167 feet above the sea level. We will rest for night in hut house or tents pitched here. The view of the whole yuksom valley looks amazing from Bakhim.
  • Tshoka
  • Today we will be gaining close to 2500 feet of altitude to reach Tshoka. There are limited water sources on this trail so we suggest you carry filled bottles with you. The initial hour or so is steep ascend from Bakhim through zig zag trail and afterwards, the trail begins gradual ascend still following the zig zag trail.
  • This trail is filled with wild strawberries and dense rhododendron trees. We will have multiple resting points on this part of the trek. After a trek of 3 to 4 hours we will finally reach our second camp site of Goechala Trek I.e., Tshoka. It is small village of 20 trekkers hut with flat camping area to the right of the trekker's huts and a small monastery beside a beautiful lake.
  • You can reach the monastery by following the trail little above Tshoka forest rest house. The monastery is a worth visits for its quietness and Tibetan architecture. The best part of this place is that you will some of the high mountains of the Kanchenjunga range from here with Mt. Pandim dominating the most.
  • Dzongri
  • Today after breakfast we will start our ascend through the same route we took for monastery, cross the monastery and the trail to Dzongri begins little steep initially. Within minutes of climb Tshoka will seem like a tiny hamlet from above. As the climb it a stiff ascend, locals have installed one paved wooden log on the trail which prevents us from slipping away in the moist mud and wet rocks.
  • If you are trekking during April to May month which is the flowering season the region, As the trail goes through thick forest of rhododendron trees, you will witness the trail like a carpet of red rhododendron flowers. After a half or an hour, you will reach our first break point i.e., Phedang. What gives away this place is the small hut house towards your left. This cross gives two ways, one to your right which leads to Kockchurang and straight leads to Dzongri. We will continue our ascend to the Dzongri route.
  • After an hour or so, the view will open up as you climb above the thick forest of tall trees. After the second break point, the trail becomes like a camel hump, sometime you gain altitude and sometimes you lose altitude. At every high point of the ascend you will be greeted by the ridge of high mountains to your right. It would take close to 5 hours for us to reach Dzongri trekkers hut house. Dzongri is close to 3000 feet above Tshoka and it surely give a welcome vibe after a hard climb. It is a small hamlet of 5-6 trekkers hut house surrounded by high snow-clad mountains from all sides.
  • Dzongri Top
  • After a proper rest, we will wake up early to witness the sunrise from Dzongri Top. The ascend is only of about 30 to 45 mins from Dzongri to Dzongri Top. You will surely enjoy the view of the first sun ray touching the highest mountain in India I.e., Mt Kanchenjunga.
  • Dzongri Top gives a beautiful 180 degree of panaromic view of the whole Mt Kanchenjunga range. As the sun climbs up the whole valley fills with color and mighty mountains of Kanchenjunga range makes their appearance.
  • This magical moment surely is a reward to the hard climb from Yuksom.
  • Thansing
  • Today’s trail is little moderate as the initial portion of the trek is a straight path for about half an hour till we reach edge of the mountain and start our descend to Kockchurang. The trail from the edge is zig zag through the thick forest of rhododendron trees till we reach the kockchurang hut beside a beautiful river.We will spend some time by the river enjoying its flow and then cross the river to the other side. After we cross the bridge is trail starts gaining altitude till the midway then it a meadow walk for close to 2 km till we reach Thansing. The trail again goes through dense forest of trees. You would be camping just in front of Mt. Pandim to the right and Mt Kanchenjunga to your left.
  • Goechala View Point
  • Today we will be climbing 2000 ft of altitude and would be descending the same 2000 ft back to Thansing, and also this whole trip takes about 10 hours to complete so we would start early in the morning after the breakfast and packed lunch.
  • The initial trail is meadow walk with moderate ascent at some points till we reach Samiti Lake (beautiful deep blue water lake). After which the trails start to ascend till we reach the Goechala first view point. The most alluring moment of the day it the enchanting view of sun rising over the Kanchenjunga range and illuminating the whole mountain range like a glowing chain of gold.
  • After spending some time at the Goechala view point, we will start our descend to Samiti Lake and enjoy a relaxing moment while summing up the whole journey of the trek. From there we will come to Lamuney and continue our meadow trail till we reach Thansing.
  • Tshoka
  • Today we will start our trek after the breakfast and take the diversion at Kokchurang towards left instead of climbing back to Dzongri. The trail remains mostly flat with little ascent and descent till while crossing each mountain from one side to other. We will continue the trail till we reach Phedang which is about 8-9km away. From Phedang it only descent till we reach Tshoka and rest for night there.
  • Yuskom
  • Following the breakfast, we will continue the same trail we climbed while coming to Tshoka and descent till we reach the large bring over Tshushay river. There is only one ascent after the bridge and then gradual descent till we reach back to Yuksom via Sachen.
  • Departure from Yuksom
  • We would leave Yuksom early morning and reach Siliguri about 4-5pm in the evening. From here you can say your adieus to the beautiful mountains which were your home for last 10 days.
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In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be canceled and in such cases, we will try to provide an alternate feasible activity. However, no refund will be provided for the same, if In case we are not able to give any alternate activity then we would refund 95% of the trek fees after deducting 5% of transaction cost.

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