Singapore by foot.

26th Apr 2019
Photo of Singapore by foot. by Arvind vaid
Photo of Singapore by foot. 1/8 by Arvind vaid
Infamous Singapore Flyer
Photo of Singapore by foot. 2/8 by Arvind vaid
The Famous Marina Bay Sans.
Photo of Singapore by foot. 3/8 by Arvind vaid
View from 29th Floor. Two streets, Arab Street & Haji lane. with the most beautiful mosque.
Photo of Singapore by foot. 4/8 by Arvind vaid
Morning views.
Photo of Singapore by foot. 5/8 by Arvind vaid
The Haji Lane.
Photo of Singapore by foot. 6/8 by Arvind vaid
The Mosque view from room
Photo of Singapore by foot. 7/8 by Arvind vaid
Epic weather in the Epic City.
Photo of Singapore by foot. 8/8 by Arvind vaid
Background view of Ships, cargo's at Palawan Beach, Sentosa island.
Day 4

Best and Cheap to travel is MRT Singapore. Avoid Cabs. Buses are good as well. But take buses only if you are good at Reading map.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

A Hindu temple @ Chinatown.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

A Flute player at China-town. A very beautiful, colorful place to window shop cheap stuff.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

Various food joints are available once you will exit the MRT. Purely authentic chinese food.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

A Malaysian girl practicing dance before her finals. Park royal hotel is full of events happening daily, Dance show was one of it where i got opportunity to shoot this beautiful dancer.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

Beach view - palawan beach, Sentosa.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

29th floor & Dreams.

Photo of Palawan Beach, Singapore by Arvind vaid

Lock & Load, Ready with our gears to explore Singapore.

Boarded flight from home-town Amritsar to Singapore.

Landed at world's No.1 Airport.. The Airport of Singapore.

I did the booking at Park plaza Serviced suits (More like Personal Apartment) (The best decision if you love to explore the city and do not care much about luxurious stay, though the stay was very good)

The best thing about my Room the view, as i was living on 29th floor.

What a view, what a sight, If morning, then sunrise ^_^ was amazing,

If evening then after the blue hour city was totally fully of lights. Basically, Lit scenes :D.

Right opposite our hotel, there were two streets, 1st Haji lane(Must visit), Full of cafe's bars and live music. The best thing about haji lane is it is almost painted in neon colors, and sparkles at night.

2nd was Arab Street. Again full of food, Arab food, Lebanese food and other middle east stuff.(Must visit)

The most beautiful thing of Arab street is The Mosque.

Mostly i traveled by foot, Covering all the area's around my place. i was staying at Beach road, From my hotel Singapore flyer was 15 mins walk, from Singapore flyer you can enjoy the view of lake, Marina sans bay and flyer itself.

A good place to spend couple of hours. Near marina sans, there is a place called Garden by the bay. A beautiful place to visit if you are a nature lover.

The another MUST VISIT place at Singapore is Clarke's Quay. One of the most happening place of Singapore.

Saturday night scenes are lit, Full classy crowd and amazing cafe's, bars and Party Van (Van with loud music & Lights will be yours for half n hour or 60 mins - You dance, Drink, enjoy in a Actual LIT van)

There is a Night club named Zouk. Good for drinks and making friends.(IYKWIM)

Then Turkish ice cream parlor, cafes and what not. You will see people roaming with handful of friendly dogs, take photos with them, pat them and enjoy.

Indians, if you are visiting the place soon or later do visit Little India.

Indian food, Poori chane, Chole bathure, Masala dosa, Faluda kulfi, Samosa, Kachori and almost everything which we eat in india is available there.

Not to miss, Mustafa mall. Open 24*7, cheap shopping area and good quality stuff. Good place to shop for family and friends in budget.

Khansama - The best place to eat Punjabi masaledaar chicken.

While roaming Singapore, we found an interesting street :)) Named Geylang Street.(Google about it before visiting)

Geylang street has nice small food stalls and well, has some hidden adventures too.

Not recommended at night for girls to roam there, it is obviously safe but will have to say alot of no's to the bystanders.

Tired of writing again, i will stop writing now. Ask in comments if you want to know anything else.