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Walking on the city’s roofs over 43 metres above busy streets is one of the coolest experiences Stockholm has to offer. This tour is a unique way to explore the city. During this thrilling activity, participants, who are secured with safety harnesses, walk along an exposed track along the rooftop, which is secured with steel cables. There is one small part of the hike where there is no railing to hold on to and you are very high up a rooftop, which gets your adrenaline going.A guide offers anecdotes about the various sights that you come across along the way, allowing you to understand the city’s history and culture from a much deeper perspective. The price for guided historical walk starts from SEK 350 (₹2800 approx) and usually takes about an hour to complete.2. Swim anywhere in the city

Best Time To Visit Stockholm

Best time to visit Stockholm is from May to October

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