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1st Nov 2020

Goa Beyond Beaches

Photo of 5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Goa - You should not miss - Travel With Suhit by Travel With Suhit

Goa is the most popular Beach Destination in India. But did you know Goa has much to offer than just beaches. I have been exploring Goa beyond Beaches for many years now. So let me share the secrets of Goa's Rich Landscape with you.

Goa is literally surrounded by the Sahyadri range of Western Ghat mountains. The Western Ghat mountains are home to one the vastest and evergreen sub tropical forest in India and because of the mountain terrain and dense forest most of Western Ghat mountains remains unexplored. As Western Ghat Mountain receives a heavy rainfall for around 4months a years and as the coastal area is not far from the mountains in some place just a few kilometers, all the rain water tends to go down towards the sea, which naturally created hundred of waterfalls, dotted around the sate of Goa.

So, in this Blog I am going tell you about -

5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Goa - You should not miss

Surla Waterfall - This waterfall though is not the tallest in Goa, but the whole journey through the Sahyadri Range, the Trek and the scenic Landscape around Surla Falls , takes it to the top of my list of Waterfalls in Goa. Surla Waterfalls is located near Chorla Ghat inside the Mahdei Wildlife Sanctuary. One has to trek for almost 30-40 minutes through lush dense forest, fresh water crystal clear streams, and mesmerizing valleys to get to the top of waterfall. There is a small natural pool at Surla Top in which you can swim and get refreshed after the Hike. The Trek Starts from Delta Eco Cottages and Café, so do buy your food or water from there as inside the forest there will be no shop.

Surla Waterfall, Goa

How to reach to Surla Waterfall - The Trek starts near Delta Eco Huts which is on the Highway/ Main Road after Crossing Wildernest Resort. So you have to first reach there which is 67km Panjim and 48km from Belgaum. If you are visiting Goa from Belgaum then you would be crossing Chorla Ghat on the way to Goa, so can visit the waterfall on the way. Best Time to Visit Surla Waterfall - The whole Western Ghat regions looks mesmerizing in the monsoon, and the waterfalls also come to its full glory in the monsoon. But the rainy season trekking through the forest and rock bed is quite tough and not safe in some places. So the best time to visit is after rainy season. From the month of October to February would be the best time to visit Surla waterfall.

Sada Falls - Sada Falls is another stunning yet lesser known waterfall in Goa. The height of Sada falls would be around 200ft. Sada falls is located in the Chorla Region inside the Mahdei Widlife Sanctuary, which makes a secret location. An ideal short hike through dense vegetation and hills will take you to this waterfalls. Sada falls is also blessed with a natural pool or a small lake with crystal clear water for you to enjoy a deep.

Sada Falls, Goa

How to Reach Sada Falls - There are 2-3 different trek routes to Sada Falls, But the easiest and fastest and the one i usually take is - Through Wildernest Nature Resort, a beautiful probably the best Nature Resort in Goa, from where the you can reach Sad Falls just in 40 minutes on foot. Wildernest Resort in 57km from Panjim and km from 58km from Belgaum Best time to visit Sada Falls - All the waterfalls in Goa gets to fullest glory i the monsoon and water starts drying from the month of March. Sada Falls has a little shorter life. So the best time to visit Sada Falls is from the months of September - February.

Khalsa Waterfall - This is another beautiful waterfall located in the Hilly terrains of Chorla in Goa. Kalsa or Khalsa waterfall is a small waterfall yet the beauty of it or the scenery around would mesmerize you. Hidden in the forest of Mahdei Khalsa waterfall is a relatively short trek from the Goa- Belgaum Highway. Khalsa waterfall is en route to Surla Waterfall, so make sure you visit Surla was well. Khalsa waterfall trek can be done from Delta Eco Huts. There is a small pool filled with crystal clear water ideal for a dip. This waterfall is also one of the Hidden gems of Goa.

Khalsa / Kalsa Waterfall, Goa

How to reach to Khalsa Waterfall - Khalsa waterfall is located just a few hundred meters away from the main road, one has to trek through the dense forest starting from Delta Eco Huts, which is km from 67km Panjim and 48km from Belgaum. Best time to visit Khalsa Waterfall - As most of the waterfall in Goa or in Western Ghat region at the end of March, the water level decreases. Khalsa is no exception so the best time to visit this waterfall would be from the month of September to February.

Harvalem Waterfall - Harvalem is another gem to Goa crown. This amazing waterfall is around 50 meters high cascading through rocky cliffs Harvalem waterfall makes a stunning scenery enough to awe struck you. There is a huge natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall where you can swim or have fun. The cold water, natural water would refresh you in a minute. Harvalem also an ideal spot to explore because there are 5 rock cut caves from early 5th century and there is also a Hindu Temple near by and a small park which you can visit or take photos.

Harvalem / Arvalem Waterfall, Goa

How to reach Harvalem Waterfall - Harvalem waterfall is situated 32km from Panjim and 45km from Margao. There is no trek involved to reach to Harvalem waterfall so anyone can visit this waterfall, you can directly arrive to the parking area by Car or by Bike. Best Time to visit Harvalem Waterfall- Harvalem waterfall can be visited from July to February, as there no trekking involved one can reach here even in the Monsoon, which is the best time to visit the waterfall but there is plenty of water till January sometimes even in February.

Dudhsagar Waterfall- In recent years especially after the shooting of Chennai Express everyone has heard or visited this place. Dudhsagar is the tallest waterfall in Goa with an height of 320 meters. Dudhsagar is also considered the most popular and most visited waterfall. During the season in goa from the month of October to April more than a thousand travelers visit this waterfall everyday. Dudhsagar is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Goa and the journey to the waterfall is amazing which involves a Jeep Safari through Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park in Mollem. But it is also the most crowded or most visited tourist spot in the state of Goa. So for Nature Lovers or Photographers or people who are looking to reconnect with nature in a secluded spot this will not be the ideal place. Another reason for not putting this waterfall on top of my list, which I have seen many times - that the association which organizes the Jeep Safari are often rude with Tourists, not cooperative and sometimes after standing a que for hours people may not get a Jeep. So I would suggest better book this trip by a good travel company to be hustle free. During the 12km jeep safari through the national park if you are lucky enough , you may spot some Gaur ( Indian Bison ), Cheetal ( Spotted Deer ), Sambhar, Mongoose, Fox, Endemic Birds like Hornbill and obviously the Star Guests appearance from the Monkey club. Once at the waterfall do take a dip in the cool refreshing water and get foot message by Carp fish.

Dudhsagar Waterfall, Goa

How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall - to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall one has to reach the village of Mollem near Goa- Karnataka border. Mollem village is located little inside from the Goa-Hubli Highway, just before the Border Check post. From Mollem one has to take a Jeep Safari. The jeep safari takes around 40-50 minutes which is 12km long. This ride is completely Off-road through the National Park. After the Jeep Safari it is a short trek of 15-20 minutes through forest vegetation and occasionally on rocky bed and then out of sudden the mighty Dudhsagar appears in front of you standing Like a white giant. Best Time to Visit Dudhsagar Waterfall - As the national park is closed in the monsoon and as the jeep operates only during Tourist Season, so one can visit this waterfall from the months of October to April end. Best time would be from October to March, after march the water flow is less.

Things to keep in mind - Most of this waterfalls are either located in a National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary or in some case religious place, so consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited, please do keep in mind that, it is also for your own safety. Please do not litter anywhere, especially in the forest or secluded places, these days there are plenty of Dustbin in almost anywhere in India, so please use them. Please be careful while taking selfie, selfie are not more important than your life or your health.