5 places to see in Toledo

1st Dec 2017
Photo of 5 places to see in Toledo 1/6 by José Manuel Cerrato

In this article on holiday destinations, we are located in the centre of the peninsula Iberica to visit Toledo. Toledo is the capital of the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha and is part of the five provinces that compose it. Toledo is also known as "the city of the three cultures" because it was populated for centuries by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

It is elevated to 529 meters above sea level and becomes an excellent tourist alternative for those who seek nature, beauty and peace in their travels, for this reason we will tell you about all that Toledo has to offer you, all the sites to see in Toledo below:

Alcázar De Toledo

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Alcazar de Toledo

Alcazar de Toledo is a fortress on rocks that is located in the highest part of Toledo, its façade is western, with three towers battlements, and other styles both medieval and Plateresque, this is a national Museum of the Army of Toledo, when there was the outbreak of the Civil war was completely destroyed but then rebuilt it in its entirety and currently houses the offices of the Army and the museum.

Cathedral of Santa Maria

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Cathedral of- Santa Maria

This Catholic temple is also known as the Cathedral of Primate of Spain, is of Gothic architecture built in 1226 under the reign of Ferdinand III, for its historical importance you must include in your tour a visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

It will impress your construction material as it is made with white stone of Olihuelas, has pointed bows, a religious temple that will make you feel that you are living at that time.

Church (Monastery) San Juan De Los Reyes

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Church (Monastery) San Juan De Los Reyes

The church (Monastery) San Juan de Los Reyes is a valuable example of the Gothic style Elizabethan because it was built under the mandate of Queen Isabel I of Castile, is the most important building, a memorial to the Catholic Monarchs and its political program.

You will see in its main facade the decoration Elizabethan i.e. statues, blind arches, balls and pinnacles, also the chains of the captive Christians that Ferdinand the Catholic liberated. If you are one of those who admires this style, this Renaissance architecture is a good place to visit.

San Martin Bridge

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San Martin Bridge

This bridge of San Martin is a medieval bridge, you have to visit it because from the you can contemplate with an excellent view the city. It was built in the Gothic period, formed part of the city's defense system in conjunction with the Alcantara Bridge and today is the perfect place to take the perfect photographs.

Santo Tomé Church

Photo of 5 places to see in Toledo 6/6 by José Manuel Cerrato
The Church of Santo Tomé

The Church of Santo Tomé de Toledo or St. Thomas the Apostle is another historical monument that you can not miss in your visit to Toledo, was founded after the reconquest of King Alfonso VI de León in this city.

It is the church that most alive has in all the city because it possesses the painting of Greco ¨ The burial of the Lord of Orgaz ¨, this is a masterpiece of the painting of all the times and it is in the tomb of the same one.