Paradise on Earth

Photo of Paradise on Earth 1/1 by Samriddhi Saraswat

Going back to Spiti after 2 years and that to for Honeymoon was never my plan. But here I am looking at these colossal gigantic Himalayas again. Nothing seems to change here, it’s the same merciless raw beauty, same handful houses of Hikikim, same bizarre apple trees, same lamba’s chanting hymns in key monastery. All that has changed is me- From Miss Samriddhi I am now Mrs Samriddhi. The girl who was planning her Iceland trip for 2019 is now back to Spiti with her husband on a honeymoon trip.

Well isn’t that life all about? The unplanned sweetness? The acceptance of how life unfolds? The contentment of compromising on your bold plans for someone else’s happiness? The wonders of God’s miracles in our life? If it would have been my way , I wonder how boring would I be sounding today.