Hidden Gems in Polonnaruwa – Wonders of An Ancient Kingdom

6th Jul 2021

Explore the secrets of an ancient Kingdom of Sri Lanka – here are some fascinating hidden gems you’d discover in Polonnaruwa!

Gal Viharaya

Gal Viharaya is a splendid rock temple that dates back to the 12th century. The temple houses four exquisite statues of the Buddha, all of which are carved using a single piece of massive granite. This is a great place to visit during your stay at one of the hotels in Polonnaruwa.


Vatadage in Polonnaruwa was built to house several relics of Lord Buddha. Right at the centre of this circular building, one can see a seated Buddha. The guard stone and moonstone found in the premises will make you mesmerised with its incredible stonework.

Lankathilaka Image House

Lankathilaka Image House has been the brainchild of King Parakramabhahu the Great. It is believed that the image house was once a towering building of five storeys. In the sanctum, one can witness the giant standing Buddha statue that hasn’t been fortunate enough to escape the ravages of time.

The Statue of Parakramabahu I

One of the most remarkable statues in Polonnaruwa, the statue of what is believed as a portrayal of King Parakramabahu I is a great sight you’d come across in Polonnaruwa. It can be found close to Pothgul Viharaya. This statue has been carved out of a humongous boulder.