Visiting Srilanka in Rs15000

28th Feb 2020

Srilanka before the Lockdown

Photo of Visiting Srilanka in Rs15000 by Pravasibaba

We had planned this trip last year but due to some reasons it always kept on getting cancelled, So this time with the few people ready for the trip we booked our flights (Rs15000) to Srilanka for the month of February. We were all excited about the trip and all the itinerary and hotels had been booked. That when the news started pouring in that a virus is spreading through China and its infecting a lot of people.

As the day for our trip approached nearer and nearer the news of the virus only started getting severe and we started rethinking about the trip, but as it was still in China and not spread to the other regions like it has spread now, we packed our bags, got a few masks and started with our trip to Srilanka.

Travelling with Masks on

Photo of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Pravasibaba
Day 1

The first destination was the Colombo where we did our immigration and while heading out, we were also checked using thermal imagery as fever is one of the main symptoms of Corona. As we completed all the formalities we headed out of the airport and arranged for some Cash and Sim Cards.

Once that was done, we caught a bus (Rs150) and headed to the beautiful city of Colombo, where we freshened up at our pre booked hostel and later in the evening headed out for Galle Beach.

Galle Face Beach

Photo of Colombo, Sri Lanka by Pravasibaba
Day 2

The next day we visited Sigiriya where we visited the Pindurangala (Rs500) rock from where we saw the amazing sunset with the Sigiriya Rock.

View of Sigriya Rock from Pidurangala Rock

Photo of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka by Pravasibaba
Day 3

After Sigiriya it was time to head to Kandy famous for its Lake and tooth relic temple (Rs1000)

Kandy Lake

Photo of Kandy, Sri Lanka by Pravasibaba
Day 4

After Kandy we caught a train to Nuwara Eliya and spent the day at the beautiful lake enjoying the environment and spending the time boating.

Day 5

The next day we boarded the world-famous train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, We stayed here for 2 days the first day relaxing at the many cafes of Ella the next day hiking the various tourist Spots like Nine Arch Bridge and Little Adam’s peak.

Nine Arch Bridge

Photo of Ella, Sri Lanka by Pravasibaba
Day 7

After an amazing experience at Ella visiting the beautiful spots it was time for the beautiful beaches of Mirissa spending two days here trying to spot whales (Rs4000) one day and taking a dip in the ocean the next.

Mirissa Beach

Photo of Mirissa, Sri Lanka by Pravasibaba
Day 10

So, as we came back to Mumbai, news started coming in that there were cases in Kerala, then the numbers in Europe and USA started increasing and before you knew it a #lockdown was imposed.

But before the lockdown we had visited Srilanka the long pending International trip and experienced everything from cities, to mountains and beaches.

Don’t know when will everything will get back to normal but till then stay home stay safe.

Ending it with a small trailer of our Srilanka Trip.

Day 9

Finally, it was time to head home Mirissa to Colombo, Colombo to Chennai and then to Mumbai.

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