From Kashmir-Leh to Chandigarh 

14th Jul 2019

Magnetic Hill

Photo of From Kashmir-Leh to Chandigarh by Satwinder singh dhaliwal
Day 1

The Journey started from to First Destination Patnitop. It was the First Place where we reach and stay @ Cottage- Cum –Hotel before the Main Market of the City. Enjoyed the First Day with Late Night Dinner. The Place is cool Like, “Kasuali” in Himachal Near Chandigarh. Have a Same Experience like ,“Kasauli”. The best Time to visit is in November to January where you can see some snow or snowfall. A small tour with Family can be Made Like Above Mentioned.” Kasauli”. The Banks on River,” Chenab” you cannot have Words to describe it was so wonderful towards Pahalgam. There was a Traffic Jam Near RAMBAN.

Day 2

The Day-2

The Journey Started early morning with First Day Photoshoot as it was very early to the trip with fascinating Vallies all around with cool mind …. everything was forgotten from mind. Just Chill and Enjoy. Taken Tea and ready for the destination, Called ,,,,,….” Pahalgam”. It was around 180 Plus Kilometres from Patnitop. As around 12 O’clock we were @ Pahalgam. Eaten Heavy,” Parantha” (The Mix of Kashmir veg). with Breakfast –cum –Lunch. The Market is so Beautiful Like from Bottom to Upstairs you are going. Remember the Movie called, “Roti”. The Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz Movie You can assume the Sites in that Movie. Mostly the Shooting was done in the Market. The Hotels Are Cheap and Good to stay there. After that we go more Upstairs towards, “Chandanwardi”, From Where the,” Amaranth Yatra” Starts. The Glacier was there first time seen that Glacier in my Life full enjoyed there. After returning from there was very joyful. In the Mid Timing @ around 4Pm we were @ Betab Valley, Where the Shooting of famous Movie Called, “Betaab was Shoot”. Rest You all Know, with Lidder river originates from Kolhoi Glacier near Sonamarg and gives rise to Lidder Valley. It covers around 30 kilometres before reaching Pahalgam where it the major tributary of East Lidder. It then runs westwards until it meets the Jhelum River at Mirgund Khanabal near Anantnag. It has crystal blueish water and Pahalgam is situated in the center of Lidder Valley. Betaab Valley lies between the two Himalayan Ranges – Pir Panjal and Zanskar. You can Stay there and Cook Your Own Food in Betab Valley. Lots of Families come there, it is the Most Beautiful Place to Stay and Relax. Mostly no words to say anything……Perfect. Stayed there @ night.

Day 3

Day-3 The day with early start to Reach,” Srinagar” ……..with the Banks of The Great Dal Lake ……It was fascinating to see the beauty in the Evening with wind blows ………clouds to be seen in the mountains ….The Shikara’s in the River. A Fasinating View to see…..Stopped there at least 2 Hours after the reach to see the beauty of the Lake. There are plenty of people who sells food across Dal Lake you can see Pictures and Video in the Link. Food is much cheaper than you think everywhere in restaurants & Outside. After reaching near the Banks of The Dal Lake there are hotel’s in the Lake Called the Shikara’s the Boats…and Remind it..they are made by a cost in Crores to Lakhs….A perfect way to stay there. We Reached there around 9.30 Pm with early stopped and enjoyed near the Lake Spended around 2 to 3 hours there. Taken Dinner @ 10.00 Pm there with Lots of Restaurants and all Kind of Variety food available with Vast good Qty ….from Idli dosa to Panner Burji etc….Mostly there are non-Veg Shops.. Taken Shikara @ around 11.00 Pm with the Cheaper Price…The higher You go…the Cheaper it is…..The Best once. There are Ghat’s in front of the Lake…. The Market is open Till Early morning 01:00 am with hotels in front of the Lake. The view in the night is very Fascinating.

Day 4

The Lake :- The Bags are Packed to Travel to the Next Destination but without the enjoyment of the Dal Lake you cannot to go anywhere. Taken two Shikara’s to enjoy The Dal Lake with Video Available @timeline. There are shops with all things available in shikara’s the small once to sells. You can Call it as a Bazar, The Market. There are full Shops the full market in Dal Lake on Shikara Shops ..The best way to Shop for Cloths is to buy the Govt.recognised shops etc or Corporation under Govt. shops. From 9 am to 2pm we have enjoyed in Dal Lake after taken the Lunch. There are beautiful Places around area Like the Mughal Garden and the Mughal Fort, It is a hill fort on Sharika hill that provides panoramic views of the Srinagar city and the Dal, the Fort. There are Tulip Flowers also but the Garden is open Till April. Miss Those. Char Chinaar and Other cool Places are there make a plan and go there to enjoy those Beautiful Places.

Day 5

Day 5 :- The Valley Gulmarg. The Valley of Beautiful Views with again Lots of Hotels. The Valles of Grass the up’s and Down’s but perfect view of the Gulmarg Valley. Stayed in a perfect hotel with great rooms of wooden. Eaten shown in Pictures with Tag (Gulmarg) perfect. The next day in Morning in Gulmarg we eaten the Butter Paratha with fully fried with Butter (the video in Tag) the Local Tea called, “ Kahwaaa”. The early morning has many the many people who have come to explore the valley. There was a Sunset Point also on the curve of the road…it was perfect. This was also a one destination in the way. On the way to Leh we can’t go back to Srinagar so we choose a another way which connects the road to sumbal the banks of Jehlam River. For more search the web for your Travel.

Day 6

Day 6 :-The early start from Gulmarg went till noon to , “Sonamarg”.The Vallies the Glaciers with same as The Grass Vallies….Perfectly Enjoyed there in The Beautiful Sunshine. In the way to Kargill…There was a tourist Place called zero Point. The Place same as Tourist Place as Earlier we went to chandanvadi. The only difference was the Glacier with snow ridders etc. The scatters…. the full enjoyment in full of Ice. Taken tea in full of Ice It was perfect. On the way to kargill we miss Drass. Late night we were at Kargill. Taken dinner @ Late night as mentioned here. The Perfect on Road Hotel with Clear weather.

Day 7

Day-7 :- Wake up early and made a Breakfast…The Sandwich for everybody ……. Wow…w.. w.w.www. wwwowowowowowow.. Bags were Packed for Leh after Taken Breakfast followed by Tea…. Ready to go to Leh. On the way in noon time we have made Paneer Tikka……The Maggi and Tea on the Bank’s of the River Indus (followed and Tagged Video see description Please). It was fantastic to make all that food….in open air with friends and especially on the banks of river. On the way to Leh….., ” The Magnetic Hill “. Lots of People stood there and enjoyed with us also as we open our car and have full of Dance followed by music and Bhangra. Again starts Journey to Leh, Gurudwara Sahib, “ Pathar Sahib”. Perfect Place in Mountains to worship. Stay at least 1 hour there. In the evening we were at the Most Beautiful Place on Earth …. The Leh………It was very fascinating to see the beauty of Leh. Taken a Guest house, in front there was a parking in the mid of the city. People are very friendly and the Market is very wide open. A small Market video was uploaded on Line. Taken Dinner @ night with Tandoori’s full ……..

Day 8

Day-8 Leh & Lake :- Started with Breakfast from bed with ready to to go Pangong Lake from Leh. Taken the Local Passes @ 11.30 AM we were on our destination point towards Pangong Lake. At near 30 Plus Kilometres there was a Place Called Karu. The Mid Pont Between Manali road and Pangong Lake. The 160-km trip to Pangong Lake from Leh is an experience of its own. The first stop on the way is Thiksey village famous for its huge monasteries, which cover an entire mountain ridge. Beyond this remote village, there is nothing but the extreme mountain ranges for company. The second stop is the Changla Pass (17,350 ft.), which could test one’s lungs, for the lack of oxygen. Late night @ about 9 pm we were @ Pangong Lake. In between the Health was not good due to Lack of oxygen. Eaten nothing just taken huts and Tents and gone to sleep. It was the Darkest night of the Trip as Temp was -3 and frozen wind outside. Sleep @ night the first time.

Day 9

Day-9 The Pangong Lake:- The Life in Pan gong is very difficult. Wake up @ 8 in the morning gone outside seen that Blue water of the River. Perfect……..The Movie 3 Idiot’s ..The Lake and The Perfect Tourist Place was made after the Movie as a Perfect Tourist Spot. Return back to the hut, “The Leh the guest House” ……. The Body wasn’t at its best for the tour as it was the toughest among the trip. The Places you can Try in Leh……

Some of the mountain passes one has to travel through, while visiting Ladakh and its towns by road, are:

5.615 m Kardungh La – Pass – the highest pass on earth!

5.390 m Tanglang La – Pass- the second-highest

5.360 m Chang La – Pass – the third-highest

5.300 m Wari La – Pass

5.050 m Namshang La – Pass

5,019 m Lachungla – Pass

5,000 m Polokangla – Pass

4,900 m Namshingla – Pass

4,908 m Kanglajal la – Pass

4,890 m Baralacha la – Pass

4,740 m Nakila – Pass

3,978 m Rohtang la – Pass

The Lakes: -

1) Pangong Tso Lake (4,350 m)

2) Tsomorragi Lake (4,595 m)

3) Tso Kar Lake (4,620 m)

4) Thatsangkaru Lake (4,500 m)

High Passes

After the Return @ 3 Pm from Pangong Lake just taken relax with Seen that World Cup Match on the bed. Late night was a Shopping Night for Families back home as Earlier did Shopping @ Dal Lake.

Day 10

Day-10 The Barchala-Pass :- The 10th Day with Back home Calling …Started Journey from Leh to Manali @ 9. Am with in mind to stay at Sarchu Border in Himachal Pradesh. The Road is silent and only rush of the wind which blows………..hmmmm..hmmmmm….It was perfect way to going again on the top of the world from where everybody starts journey, from up’s and down’s towards Pang. A Place before the border @ 4 Pm were there and Taken Tea with again started the journey towards Sarchu with same felling before we Reach Leh from Kargill. Same Valley’s around.Perfect…..Love to see the memories again. Late night @ 9 pm with a bit rain started we were @ Sarchu. Taken some rest with Dinner and was in mind to stay here as lot’s of Bikers and Others were staying there…but Only thing in mind after Relax was Adventure……. Just Started to Travel in Zero visibility….

The Barachala Pass…………. The Barla-chala pass @ 16000 plus height gone through @ night with everybody says don't drive.... but 9.55 PM towards barla-chala pass with zero visibility with heavy snow plus rain -3 degrees’ temperature. with the help of segic map drive till 1.30 am .... afterword’s it's too much with zero visibility.... A perfect Adventure that night .... with 15 to 20 feets Glacier and a single near jispa about 01:30 am in morning we take a hotel-cum shop where we stay and rest .After full of driving from the morning.

Day 11

Day-11 :- The End of the Trip with Joy:- Wake up @ in the morning and taken Parantha with tea with full of tide and restless and hopeful to see home in evening. But after started the journey it was the beautiful views till the Jam @ Rohtang la Pass as it’s called 12-month Ice view. People jammed with their vehicles from both Sides and it was full of rain when we go to the top of the hill. After 2 to 3 hours in car we make an effort to make traffic clear to all People with the help of my friend Called, “Billa” as we have making efforts round the trip from starting to the Last and It works from the valley’s to the mountains. Near about 4 pm we reach Manali…. and went to enjoy evening tea at Mall Road it was fully crowded. After that we were again driving to Kullu and Taken Room there to stay .The “OYO” rooms @ Last enjoyed the dinner on the Bank’s of the River the Last of the Trip.

The Trip end’s @ Last after 12 day’s of enjoy. It would be remember for a long long time in mind.

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