Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels

23rd Nov 2018
Day 1

I've been to a few backpackers hostels around. And I absolutely love the whole idea and concept of sharing room with fellow travellers and interacting with them. The first time I heard about such hostel was about Zostel and as my friend acquainted me to it, I realized this is something I would really like. It did not take me long to plan my first trip to a Zostel. The first one was the Gokarna Zostel which was spectacular. And since then I have only looked forward to stay at hostels, whenever possible. 

My favourite hostel would be Zostel (obviously!) located in lovedale, Ooty. You cannot help but fall in love with the serenity around. For someone, specially like me, who enjoys peaceful days and nights, this place is a perfect choice. The view being mezmering. Watching sunrise on a winter slightly foggy morning with the view was absolute cherry on the cake. The beautiful sky and green landscape, what else sounds like a perfect holiday? Nights like sitting outside, stargazing along with strangers, who don't seem like one after sometime. This is what hostels feel like. 

The moment I arrived at Zostel,  lovedale , I was greeted warmly by the staff, they made us feel extremely comfortable and at home. Early morning, sitting and enjoy a warm cup of coffee in slightly chilly weather is my ideal way to start a day. We encountered very friendly people with whom we spent rest of day. After returning, we spent our evening socializing with people in zostel. Introvert like me, who finds it difficult to mingle with people, hostel is kind of magic. You talk, you laugh, you play and you share. For me, what I liked the most was the ambiance of the hostel. It was simple and beautiful. I loved the common dining area where all travellers would come together and have their meals with each other.

Experiences like these have reinforced my love for hostels and everytime I look forward to another Zostel experience.

Unfortunately, wasn't able to capture the real essence of the place nevertheless check the pictures for glimpse of beauty this hostel,or should I say Zostel, was. 

The view.

Photo of Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels by Prerana Sinha
Photo of Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels by Prerana Sinha

The common room

Photo of Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels by Prerana Sinha

The room.

Photo of Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels by Prerana Sinha

With the lights

Photo of Why I heart hostels? #ihearthostels by Prerana Sinha