Kodai -Roadtrip

4th Jul 2023
Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh
Day 1

We started our journey from Trivandrum as a mark to the end of our college lives.We wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible .We were a group of 8,in 2 cars ,about to create memories of a lifetime in the next 2-3 days.

It was around 300 km from here,and I was additionally excited as it was my first time driving this long distance.

The  drive was insane and we reached Kodai by around afternoon.
We checked into The Zostel ,Kodaikanal.

The outdoors of Zostel Kodaikanal.

Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh

We rested for sometime and then visited the Guna Caves .It was spectacular.
After coming back ,we had a chill time enjoying and taking in the cold weather of Kodaikanal.

Day 2

We started early today to the last village of Kodaikanal-Kilivarai.This village was next to Poondi,which is often more known to travellers coming to Kodaikanal.The inners of Kodaikanal is even more beautiful with more deep natural beauty and no network coverage.
The drive was memorable one,as we reached Poondi,the cultivation reminded me of the rice terraces in Bali.
Today's stay was much more adventurous and not for all kind of one.The mud house in Kilivarai is closely intricated with nature to a very deep level,even the sounds at night haunts you a bit.The hosts were rather too friendly and we had a wonderful experience from the place.

The Kodai town.

Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh

The view from Kilivarai.

Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh
Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh

Travel lets you find yourselves.Immerse in a world within you ,that you never knew to existed.

Photo of Kodai -Roadtrip by Gayathri Suresh