5 Chill Spots in Dallas (For Free!)

Photo of 5 Chill Spots in Dallas (For Free!) by Kriti

I have been staying in Dallas for a few years now, and my friends and I like to go out very often. But Dallas is not as pretty as Austin when it comes to landscape - mostly what we have is various restaurants offering some really amazing food. And there are times when we don't want to go to a restaurant, or theatres or clubs, but just hangout at cool spots.

So, we started exploring such spots, and we found some really cool places when you can hangout with your friends for free! Here are my top 5 picks:

Spot #1 ->

We found this place accidently, but it's one of our favorite places in Dallas away from the "city chaos". Set right around the Grapevine Lake, this is a perfect place for a sunny day. Go with your friends, take the portable grill or just a picnic blanket and spend the day by the lake. (This place has a mix of flat lands, and some small cliffs, so it's fun to go with friends and just explore the place.)

The best time to visit the Sunset Pointe is during day time - go in the day and comeback after sunset. Parking is free on the street

Spot #2 ->

It's located in the center of the Dallas Downtown, surrounded by buildings on all the sides. The area has beautiful spots to take pictures, and looks very pretty during the Christmas-New Year holiday season with the lights. It has a couple of restaurants if you want to go, or you can even get your own coffee or snacks and just sit in the area and enjoy the pretty lights.

The best time to visit the ATT Discovery District is in the evenings. Parking has to be paid for at times at a nearby public parking.

Spot #3 ->

The Sound is at the very end of the Cypress Waters. This place is a mix of eating joints, a winery, hangout spots, an amphitheater and a 2.5 miles walking/bike trail that runs around the North Lake. The local bands perform at the amphitheater from time to time. The place has Table Tennis areas, Jenga and large Chess/Checkers set, and the music keeps playing all the time which gives this place a very positive vibe.

This place is good to visit both in the day and evening time, giving a very different feel. Parking is free.

Spot #4 ->

Lake Carolyn has a trail which runs along the lake, and you can see the beautiful lights of the residential buildings. It's not as lit as the downtown city lights, but is more towards a calm place. I liked this place because you can hangout with your friends for free during the day-evening time, walk on the trail, see cute dogs passing by, and the pretty sunset as well.

Best time to visit is before the sunset, so that you can see both the day and night lights of the lake. Parking is free.

Photo of Lake Carolyn Parkway, Irving, TX, USA by Kriti
Photo of Lake Carolyn Parkway, Irving, TX, USA by Kriti

Spot #5 ->

If you've been in Dallas, you must be knowing this place. For others, this place is amazing because it's right in the center of the Dallas Downtown and you can see entire downtown from this spot, and there are most certainly events happening around this place. This place is almost always lit, and the only thing you need to pay for is the parking at times because the free street parking gets full. Before going, you can check if there are any local bands performing, or if there are any events happening in the park.

Best time to visit is day time unless there is an event happening in the evening. Parking has to be paid for at times at a nearby public parking.

Photo of Klyde Warren Park, Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Dallas, TX, USA by Kriti

These are my top 5 picks from my recently visited places where you can hangout for almost free! If you know more such places, share with me! :)