Six Best Destinations For Single Men In New Zealand


You are a single handsome guy looking for some real adventures. You choose New Zealand for your upcoming vacation and have already packed your stuff in one middle-sized backpack. What’s next? Obviously, you need a plan on where to go and what to see. All those vanilla beaches, cute lakes with yellow-eyed penguins and nature parks will bore you in a couple of minutes. Let’s go for some real fun! Check out this awesome to-do list we’ve made exactly for you!

1. Sand Surfing

No kidding, this is an actual activity you can try only in three countries around the globe. After Africa and the UAE, New Zealand attracts thousands of surfers every year. The best sand surfing location is The Dunes on the North Island. Don’t hesitate to rent a special board and prepare for a thrill. Trustworthy advice here would be a pair of glasses to protect your eyes from sand. You will definitely love sliding down the dunes in a company of youngsters from all over the world

 2. Becoming A Hobbit

If you ask any fan of the Lord of the Rings about a place they dream to visit, you will definitely hear, ‘New Zealand!’ Millions of people save every cent to book a ticket to the famous Hobbiton. Yes, the village of tiny houses with fancy round doors and windows actually exists. It was built specially for the film shooting, but after the intoxicating success of the movie, the company took the decision to leave it there without resolution. Wanna feel Frodo? Get yourself a ticket to Middle-Earth!

3. Playing Poker

Kiwis are big gamers, especially when it comes to poker! Gambling in New Zealand is absolutely legal and moreover, controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. All the casinos are thoroughly checked, and any loosening of the law can cost them their licenses. Recently a single base was created to control virtual casinos. The most popular are listed and rated at, and if the players doubt honesty of this or that platform, they can easily check any platform there.

Poker is played here everywhere. New Zealanders work out their own secret strategies on hitting the bank. You should be a real pro to win, but it is worth trying.

4. Jumping Into The Volcano

Get your dose of adrenaline visiting the active volcano! Thermal lake in the volcanic vent is too tempting not to jump into. Martian landscape with rocks and smoke will give you the feeling you are in the parallel universe.

5. Going To Maori

This tribe came to New Zealand 900 years ago. Although they adopted the basic features of Western Europe, they still keep ancient customs and traditions. A small village Tamaki is build due to the ancient Maori standards. The way of life people lead here absolutely correlates the way their rentals lived about a thousand years ago. Traditional Maori dinner, hangi, is usually some meat and vegetables cooked with heated rocks buried in a pit oven. You won’t find anything more delicious in the whole world!

6. Taking A Baldwin Street Challenge

This road is considered the world's steepest residential street. Baldwin Street is located in Dunedin, and every year a few thousands of athletes run up and down the street over again. The street is 3.5 kilometers long, so you should be skilled enough to try yourself in the contest. World’s record is 1:56, which is really impressive! One should work out every single day to break it!