Tales of Thailand - Koh Tao ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญย 

20th May 2020
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Day 1

Tales of Thailand - Volume >>5 ๐Ÿ’“

Koh Tao ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ

July 2019

Well it was my 6th Visit at Kingdom of Thailand and 5th in last 300 days and prettiness of Thailand is such that there is nothing called "Enough" .

It was my birthday so definitely I wanted to encash this moment for myself .

May be I would complete the remaining major regions like Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai soon and that is how I can proudly wear cap and ask for dual citizenship of Thailand from Royal King of Thailand .

Coming to Royal King , we actually share the same birthday week and I could see that every bit corner of the country had King Photo and probably anyone who visit Thailand would able to recognize him and this auspicious day but I really don't fall for " Apna Time Aayega " syndrome rather to live the life you have as it is ....

Before this I boarded flight from Delhi to BKK and Immigration asked me whether I am part of any tour and I said , No I am solo travelling .

He asked me , whether you are from Dollar Club team and I was not sure what is that and I said No ...

Little did I know that my travel schedule had same of this Dealers Dollar Club meeting and while entering in flight I could see that today flight is a big time mess .

So more than 80% occupancy was from this dealer team and there was one single women from their own team . I feel so sorry for that women who had to compliment them in a trip . The absolute lack in etiquette to seeing the Cabin crew as granted to make a commercial flight treated like a local wine shop , this is how we make fun of ourselves in others land . For a moment when I watched Bali incidence , I was not shocked rather it was a relief that people need to be aware about what they do and how they project their own country .

Only thing I could barely do well is to keep a safe distance and not entering in conversation unlike my regular behavior .

May be one day , things would be better but now we need to go with the flow of story here ..

I may have countless stories to tell about Thailand and many I simply cannot but then there were others which made a real dent in my life .

This time I desperately wanted to go Koh Tao specially when last time people told me that it's not safe and there are gangsters operates in this region . While in Koh Samui last time I enquired locals and some had verified that claim that law and order is a miss there and many murderer happened in last few years . Since I was part of South Asia backpack groups , I could see people go there often and I made my mind whatever it takes I would go .

I took a flight from BKK to Koh Samui and mind you this internal flight was equalent to my flight from Delhi to BKK but then I was only concerned about time , money comes later . I landed in this beautiful Airport of Koh Samui and it was no less than a premium resort . I took a first ferry to Koh Tao and reached in next 2 hours . I didn't book any hotel there because look and feel is more important for me .

While we were reaching I saw a cliff and some cottages there and Yes I knew that I wanted to stay there . I enquired around and get to know the name of hotel . I called them to allow me early check in and basis that I would book the hotel . This American Manager agreed and then I landed at hotel .

For next 15 Minutes I was just adoring the prettiness and I wished that swimming pool next to sea should be my next hotel and I was so much happy to know this 100-200 Ft below swimming pool belongs to hotel and that made my day and roughly I spend my half day in this pool with Chang beer .

This hotel has pavements for restaurant , pool and beach and in the evening I wanted to go at beach . Koh Tao is somehow least crowded paradise place in Thailand and there was this couple along with a kid sitting sit to a beach .

I feel so bad that I don't know swimming and I wish I would swim in sea without life jacket but I know someday I will .

They both were swimming and kept their son sitting at the beach side . After sometime this guy went out and took his boy to other side and may be some food or life jacket .

But the lady kept swimming .

I could see that she was going way far and looked like she is so perfect in swimming and enjoying this lovely weather with strong wind and tides .

She went that far that now I could just able to see her head and then I was just looking this pretty view on other side .

I was at some distance away from them and now I saw this guy came with his little boy and started looking for mom .

I could read the lips well so he asked his son , where is mom ?

Of course he didn't know because they were together but that was just a worried question coming from a father to son , looking for his mother .

Perhaps I was only one who knew that she is swimming and now I started looking at that head that where is she swimming .

I scrolled my head around and she was not there .

I went other side , she was not there .

Somehow I could feel my heart beat rate rising up because I have never saw anyone drowning and perhaps I even didn't want to break that news that she sunk in sea .

This guy who was still feeling helpless , watching around and now I could see he was shaking .

I wanted to come closer and wanted to hug him but didn't have that courage to tell him .

May be you don't believe it but real prayers gets answered when you do for others .

I closed my eyes for some 5 seconds and prayed to God that save her life .

Let this baby have his mother and let this guy have his beloved .

I opened my eyes and I could see she was swimming other side behind the Rock . It was still a far distance and only her tiny head was visible.

It was a sigh of relief for me and my absolute equation of being a agnostic version washed away like every time and somehow from my bottom of my heart I know , there is someone .

I waved my hand to this guy and showed him the direction .

He came running to me and perhaps he knew that I was telling him about his wife .

He came near me to and I said she is there .

I could see his eyes with gratitude for me and I told me I could see you were worried and looking for her and he said Thank You and went back to his son .

May be this thank you was more than alot for me .

Now this lady came out and saw both of them standing , waiting for her .

This guy hugged her for next 10 minutes and may be he told her that he had a feeling that he might have lost her today .

After that sweet gesture , this guy and lady turned towards me and I could see he told her about me .

I might have gone there to have conversation but I choosed to look at other side and only reason is I didn't want to deteriorate their " We" moment .

For a moment I felt how it feels when you loose someone you love .

Perhaps it told me , how does it really feels .

Glad they are together โค๏ธ

Photo of Ko Tao by Travel Sperm ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ