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Top Places To Visit in Çanakkale Province 2 Spots

Tevfikiye Köyü, İntepe/Çanakkale Province, Turkey
Excavations revealed that this piece of land, before Troy, had 9 different cities and 46 levels of habitations almost 3000BCE. Which impressed me a lot because I still couldn't imagine a city being totally buried and gone while another new city being built on it after some years.
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İstanbul Cd, Bolayır/Çanakkale Province, Turkey
Finally we started for Gallipoli; this is a world war1 sight. The place is deserted and the videos of World War 1 fights keep playing so you can spend time and get to know more details about the World War 1. The sunset in Gallipoli with sea on one side and mountains on other is worth the watch.
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