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20213, Čilipi, Croatia
From Belgium to Croatia I landed from India in Belgium & from there on headed to Croatia .A super early morning 6 am flight – Croatian Airways, landed me at this small airport of Dubrovnik.Dubrovnik Airport + Rental Car Pick-upA airport just big enough to land a few flights , have a few baggage belts , necessary customs check , tourist information booth & a coffee place to satisfy the bare essential morning hunger pangs .No wifi access , no option to purchase a tourist sim – it can be a mean landing , in case you plan on doing some last minute bookings or planning on having a prepaid sim to cater to your GPS needs of getting into the city . I got stuck in both those aspects , so make sure you are a little pro-active before you arrive .The rental cars are outside the arrival terminal , across from the parking . After wasting my time in figuring out how to manage without internet , I finally headed to the Europcar desk , to pick up my thankfully prebooked car .The person manning it was nice enough to give me a free GPS and his wifi password to help make my first night apartment booking for the city of Dubrovnik.Tip : Car rental prices can be pretty steep and availability scarce or none at all in peak season , so its advisable to book in advance .Where to StayDepends on how many days you have in hand and what kind of a traveller you are , there are a number of areas to choose from , to make your base in the city .I will personally recommend – The Old Town - the part of the city which is a must see and also has a lot for one to explore. The 2 limitations of this area are however - scarce & expensive parking and limited number of Hotels ( in case you specifically looking to stay in a hotel hotel per se) .But having said that , the old town & the immediate neighborhood ( like Brgatska where I Stayed ) is flooded with apartments of various sizes with excellent ratings and even more amazing views of the Adriatic , owned usually by locals .However keep in mind if you want a view , you will have to be ready to hike up to your apartment , with quite a distance to be covered essentially on foot . In case you are not a bag packer , you will basically be screwed like me ☺ .Drive to the CityThe drive from the airport to the city was simply breathtaking –spanned by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other . The roads are pretty decent , yet typical of any mountain-island drive .After a 30min maneuver , I was there at my apartment parking , greeted by the owner , guided & familiarized with the apartment , with a balcony opening up to the view of what lay ahead .From here on began my unforgettable trip of Croatia.
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