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20213, Čilipi, Croatia
From Belgium to Croatia I landed from India in Belgium & from there on headed to Croatia .A super early morning 6 am flight – Croatian Airways, landed me at this small airport of Dubrovnik.Dubrovnik Airport + Rental Car Pick-upA airport just big enough to land a few flights , have a few baggage belts , necessary customs check , tourist information booth & a coffee place to satisfy the bare essential morning hunger pangs .No wifi access , no option to purchase a tourist sim – it can be a mean landing , in case you plan on doing some last minute bookings or planning on having a prepaid sim to cater to your GPS needs of getting into the city . I got stuck in both those aspects , so make sure you are a little pro-active before you arrive .The rental cars are outside the arrival terminal , across from the parking . After wasting my time in figuring out how to manage without internet , I finally headed to the Europcar desk , to pick up my thankfully prebooked car .The person manning it was nice enough to give me a free GPS and his wifi password to help make my first night apartment booking for the city of Dubrovnik.Tip : Car rental prices can be pretty steep and availability scarce or none at all in peak season , so its advisable to book in advance .Where to StayDepends on how many days you have in hand and what kind of a traveller you are , there are a number of areas to choose from , to make your base in the city .I will personally recommend – The Old Town - the part of the city which is a must see and also has a lot for one to explore. The 2 limitations of this area are however - scarce & expensive parking and limited number of Hotels ( in case you specifically looking to stay in a hotel hotel per se) .But having said that , the old town & the immediate neighborhood ( like Brgatska where I Stayed ) is flooded with apartments of various sizes with excellent ratings and even more amazing views of the Adriatic , owned usually by locals .However keep in mind if you want a view , you will have to be ready to hike up to your apartment , with quite a distance to be covered essentially on foot . In case you are not a bag packer , you will basically be screwed like me ☺ .Drive to the CityThe drive from the airport to the city was simply breathtaking –spanned by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other . The roads are pretty decent , yet typical of any mountain-island drive .After a 30min maneuver , I was there at my apartment parking , greeted by the owner , guided & familiarized with the apartment , with a balcony opening up to the view of what lay ahead .From here on began my unforgettable trip of Croatia.
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The remains of Diocletian’s Palace in Split is the heart of the city. A main getaway to the south Dalmatian islands, Split in itself is a city that you must stop and explore. Always buzzing, always alive, this city is a perfect example of a seamless blend of old and new; and this blend is clearly shown by bars, restaurants and shop hidden in between ancient columns, temples, walls.What to see: 1. Start your day by visiting Diocletian’s Palace, the ancient Roman ruin that was built in 305 AD.2. Cathedral of St. Domnius is recognised as the oldest cathedral in Croatia and one of the most well-preserved Roman buildings in Split. Visit this cathedral and then climb the bell tower for the most beautiful panoramic view of the city.3. Visit the Riva Waterfront and promenade for some relaxing time and to pick up souvenirs. This is the place to try delicious ice creams and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while staring at jewelled waters.4. Climb up the Marjan Hill for some amazing views of surrounding islands on one side and imposing mountains on the other.5. After that tiring climb up and down the hill, relax at Bačvice Beach and spend the evening enjoying the sunset.6. For a fun night out, check out Ghetto Bar, famous for its delicious cocktails or just chill at the Bačvice Beach shacks with a pint of beer or two.Some tips1. Almost every bar and coffee house has free wifi. The passwords are generally written on the receipts, but if you don't get one, ask the waiter and he/she will happily provide you with one.2. Public transport is almost non-existent, but the cabs here are cheaper compared to the rest of the country, Uber being the cheapest option.Costs Per DayLocal Transport (Buses): Rs. 1000 (90 Croatian Kuna)Taxi Starting Tariff: Rs. 60/kmHotel Stay: Average price for a night per person is Rs. 4000 (400 Croatian Kuna)A Meal: A lunch or dinner without alcohol will cost you around Rs. 1400 (140 Croatian Kuna), and with alcohol around Rs. 3000 (300 Croatian Kuna).


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