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Cannes: Before we could explore Nice, it was decided to visit Cannes first, Most of you are aware of Cannes, renowned for Cannes Film Festival....

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Cannes, French Riviera When elegant city fashion follows you to the beach, you know you’re in Cannes....

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Top Places To Visit in Cannes 111 Spots

Jetée Albert Edouard, 06400 Cannes, France
Cannes is the place to spot the most glitzy yachts in the world. Jetee Albert Edouard is often lined up with luxurious mega yachts like ‘The Octopus’ owned by Paul Allen. On offer are a host of world cuisines, adventure activities like wake boarding, and other experiences like a wellness therapy, candlelit dining, or shopping at the boutiques on-board.
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Weekend Getaways from Cannes 

We reached Milan by 5 PM in the evening.It was a great trip that took us back in time.

About Cannes

Undeniably the second-most popular destination in France (after Paris, of course), Cannes is a perfect amalgamation of glamour and luxury. Synonymous with the annual film festival it plays host to, this seductive beach resort is replete with palaces and high-end boutiques, pimped rides and high heels. Yet, a short walk around the Promenade de la Croisette will make you realize how it is nothing but an incredibly relaxed little town. You absolutely 'Cannes-not' miss this beauty!

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