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Time was of essence though, as we had to take a train further north to the little known Arctic desert village of Abisko....

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Going forth our next stop was to Sweden- Abisko National Park....

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Abisko National Park in Sweden was my next stop. After changing some buses & train and getting lost in between with luggage and in the dark cold weather finding no people around, I finally landed here! Abisko is known to be the driest place on earth thus makes the chances for Aurora Displays higher. Unfortunately I could not spot a strong activity here but I had a great experience in this place. I took a private room in a hostel which was like a local Swedish house. Due to heavy snowfall often the door used to get jammed or locked. All equipments to clean the snow were provided. Had it been you were locked inside and the door wouldn't open, you had to climb down the stairs from your 1st floor bedroom's window to come out and clean the snow. It was all pure white with so much snow around. An evening I took a chairlift at 9 pm in the night- walked upto 1 km to arrive there in the chilly windy climate. But the views from the top even at the night were surreal. Another evening I decided to join a Photography course conducted by a famous photographer Peter Rosen. We went on his snowmobile somehwere in between the Arctic Forest where we laid our cameras, a Teepee Tent (Traditional lappish tent) & broke fire. For several hours we waited for Aurora display but just some mild strokes could be captured by our camera. We did some star gazing and I learnt some night photography! It was an awestruck moment seeing such beautiful sky. Lappland Media Photo Adventures is the perfect tour to avail this experience. Peter Rosen, a brilliant photographer, would teach you some excellent skills which you will never forget while taking good pictures. We had a lovely evening with him.
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