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Oman diaries: The journey to Jebel Shams

  Rugged mountains, smooth winding roads, chilly breeze and a Land Cruiser Prado to boot - ...

Aseem Rastogi
1 Day
Middle eastern road voyages with family on the back seat

On weekends I do part-time as a driver for my family, I feel Happy The only formula that can k...

Debanjan Basu
11 Days
Seeking Adventure in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is an enchanting, unique country that I know well having lived th...

Veronica May
4 Days
Journeying through Oman: From Dunes to Beaches

Oman is a surprise package to say the least! A land of beauty beyond words; a land geared fo...

Nandita Amin
5 Days
This Underrated Middle Eastern Gem Is The Next Big Family Vacation Destination

Oman is a truly fantastic family holiday destination. While, it may not be the first place to spr...

Aakanksha Magan
8 Days
Asia's Best Kept Secret: Oman

There are many reasons why I travel, the foremost is to see new places and experience varied cult...

Chaitali Patel

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This isn’t any ordinary hike. Experience an adrenaline rush like no other at Wadi Bimah (Snake Gorge) in the Wadi Bai Auf area of the Al Hajar Mountains. Embark on 3km of swimming through or jumping in to bright green pools and water-filled caves, climbing up waterfalls, sliding down natural water-slides and scrambling over boulders. This is all through a narrow dramatic canyon cutting snake-like in to the rugged landscape. This certainly feels like you’ve been transported in to an Indiana Jones movie or a thrilling water-park ride. To add to the excitement, watch out for the (completely harmless) snakes slithering in the rock pools. It’s important to be aware of any rainfall, as flashfloods can occur through the gorge.
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