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Amman Amman - citadel Dead Sea Petra Petra Petra Wadi Rum Wadi Rum Wadi Rum Aqaba Aqba Kings Highway This trip was originally published on travelfreak Jordan has a lot to explore, especially given how small the country is....

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With inputs from Shibani Bawa and Anita Rao Kashi....

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Petra, one of the major attractions in Jordan. It would be safe to say that all the travelers who visit Jordan have Petra on their list. And I was no different. To be honest, when I thought of going to Jordan I knew of only 2 places of interest - Petra and The Dead Sea. Petra is more than two thousand years old, crowned as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Archeologists haven't been able to track down when it was built, but, it is known that Petra began to prosper from 1st century BC. The earthquake of 363 AD destroyed most of the city, further changes in the trade route led to a downfall of Petra. What was once a bustling city ruled by the Nabateans was soon abandoned around the 7th century. Later on, local Bedouins found solace in the lost city of Petra. Only in 1812, Johannes Burkhardt, a Swiss explorer rediscovered this ancient city in a rather interesting way. He dressed as an Arab and convinced a Bedouin to take him there, soon enough The Lost City was a rage among the western world. Tourists flocked in from all corners of the world to witness this marvelous ancient city and they continue to do so. As most of us know the entire city was carved out of the mountains. The inhabitants had carved out Temples, a Theatre, Tombs, Churches and a Treasury. A number of these structures are well preserved till date, Petra puts forward amalgamation of great culture, geographical, archaeological and natural features. The ancient city has a lot to offer and is best done in 3 days while many do it in 2 days.
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If you wish to go off the main trail, which you must, you will can visit two of those - The High Place of Sacrifice and The Monastery.
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